Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West


Updated 16 March 2023
Outlaw Hearts Series

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My first contemporary romance novel, DANCING BENEATH YOU!

Book cover showing mountains, prairie, woman running, and wolf.

"DANCING BENEATH YOU is a novel that will capture your senses, tug at your heartstrings, and keep you on edge from beginning to end with its addictive pacing, beautiful atmospheric portrayal, and the edgy thrills that keep you yearning for more…A GEM OF A ROMANCE!" -- Renee, Addicted to Romance (Read entire review here.)

     Finally divorced from a violently abusive man, Carmen Wolfe is ready to enjoy life again, but not ready to love again. During a performance of Native American song and dance she attends at a new casino near her Michigan hometown, a live wolf named Caesar, who is part of the act, disobeys its trainer and sits down beside Carmen’s aisle seat and refuses to budge. He glares at Carmen with wild, yellow eyes, leaving her terrified and afraid to move.

     Worried about the dangerous situation, lead dancer Benjamin Red Wolf Colter, a lawyer for the Lakota (Oglala Sioux), leaves the stage to calm the tense moment. He urges Caesar back to his cage and apologizes to Carmen, but once he returns to South Dakota, Ben cannot stop thinking about the beautiful woman he met in Michigan. Heartbroken over his wife and unborn son, who were killed in an assassination attempt on his life, Ben believes that the incident with Caesar means the wolf spirit has chosen Carmen as the woman who can put an end to his grief and teach him to love again.

Carmen, too, cannot ignore the sizzling attraction she and Ben shared in that first fateful meeting. She stays in touch, and soon a deeper relationship leads her to South Dakota. Can these two overcome past tragedies? Can Carmen learn to trust again? And can she live with the fact that someone still wants Ben Colter dead?

The haunting lure of the South Dakota Badlands holds all the answers.

"Addicted to Romance" also did a wonderful interview with me, along with more details on Renee's opinion about DANCING BENEATH YOU. You can read it here -- I know you'll enjoy it!

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A man haunted by his outlaw past.
The woman who loves him.
A tight-knit family he holds dear.
Old enemies out to kill him.

       Jake Harkner loves hard. He also fights hard, determined to protect the woman and the family of whom he has always felt unworthy, but they are the only light in his inner darkness. Now Jake lives in changing times. New laws tell him he can no longer deal his own kind of justice with the guns that made him infamous. Jake’s passion for the woman who understands him more than any human being on earth might be the only thing that keeps him alive.

Hot. Gritty. Old West Meets New West.
An unforgettable love story.

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2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTS   DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS   LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE   The Last Outlaw   Christmas In a Cowboy's Arms   Cover,BLAZE OF GLORY

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Cover of Arizona Ecstasy showing Native American man and blonde woman embracing       My latest reissue is ARIZONA ECSTASY, and it’s slated for late August from Amazon. I had to re-read this story to make sure Amazon correctly reprinted it from the original book, and boy, what a great love story! I hadn’t read it for roughly 30 years and had forgotten all that happened. And although its prequel, ARIZONA BRIDE, is not being reissued, you learn about that story in this sequel. I just know new readers will love this book.

       "A mixture of white and Apache blood, Chaco was raised in a loving white family and is close to his white half-brother, Troy. Abuse from others forces Chaco to seek life among the Apache. He knows the day will come when he must choose: life on the run, on a reservation, or return to his white family.

       "As Lisa heads for California, her wagon train is attacked by a band of Apache renegades. One of them is Chaco, landing her in his arms and into a love affair. Staying together proves impossible. Torn apart, Lisa is carrying Chaco’s child. Troy marries her to save her reputation and to give Chaco’s son a good home.

       "A heart-breaking love story, Lisa is forced into unbearable choices. Despite her marriage of convenience, she'd rather be with Chaco, and yet doesn't want to destroy the brothers' tight relationship. And then, Chaco is shipped off to prison in Florida. Will she ever be able to accept his disappearance from her life?

       Rosanne Bittner has been called an emotional powerhouse for stories of the heart, stories about loving unions that should never take place. She remains a firm believer that love conquers all, and ARIZONA ECSTASY is a classic example of her unforgettable love stories."

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NEW, and Available Right Now:


       While you are waiting for my new reissues and "Jake" book, be sure to look for the anthology LOST AND FOUND on Amazon! Along with eight other short stories by some of my friends/fellow authors, you'll find a new story of my own called TROUBLE RIDES A FAST HORSE.

       The title LOST AND FOUND refers to the fact that this collection of sweet, spicy, and hot romance stories -- "from today, yesterday, and in the future; from this world and beyond" -- are all about love that has been lost and then found again. The book, available in e-reader format or trade paperback, is a fund-raiser for a writers group I belong to called Grand Rapids Romance Writers Group (they are not affiliated with Romance Writers of America). Other authors who have included stories are Diana Lloyd, Diana Stout, Jae Vel, K. D. Norris, Lisa Campeau, Martin L. Shoemaker, Natalia Baird, and Patricial Kiyono.

       In my story, TROUBLE RIDES A FAST HORSE, teenager Jackie is distraught that her best friend is going to date her secret crush. When her grandmother tells stories about the lost loves of her own grandmother, mother, and herself, Jackie learns how all of their individual prayers were answered.

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Ride The High Lonesome cover Lawman In The High Lonesome coverCover for JOURNEY TO HIGH LONESOME

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2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTS   DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS   LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE   The Last Outlaw   Christmas In a Cowboy's Arms

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     "The first book in the series was my first romance book I [ever] read, and all these years later it's still my top favorite! What's cool, is 20+ years after first publishing OUTLAW HEARTS, Rosanne Bittner was given the opportunity to have it reissued and write 2 sequels!! Now she's currently working on a 4th (and last) book for Jake and Randy. You do *not* want to miss these if you are a fan of western romance! She knows how to steal your heart and breath and give it back in the most amazing way!" -- Michelle R., 26 July 2016.


"Dear Mrs. Bittner, I discovered your books about six months ago, and have been reading them non-stop. MY DILEMMA NOW, MRS. BITTNER, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER I FINISH MY LAST BOOK OF YOURS? I LOVE the period you write in (pioneers and indians) and your wonderful style of writing. I have learned more about our heritage and the wonderful Native Americans from your books than what I learned while in school. PLEASE, PLEASE, I truly hope you can give me a name or two to look into for further reading. PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS....I am a fan of yours for life!!!" -- from a recent email


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