Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West


Updated 11 May 2018
Outlaw Hearts Series

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Rosanne and Jennifer Moore at Back on the Rack

Here I am with Jennifer Moore, owner of Back on the Rack on Red Arrow Highway in Watervliet, MI. I had a lot of fun greeting fans and signing books at Jennifer's grand opening on April 7th! Back on the Rack is great thrift shopping for high quality used clothing and furniture and also some new clothing. Perfect place to go to find prom gowns for your daughter or granddaughter, as well as wedding dresses! AND -- you can find signed copies of several of my books there! Right now, they have the Outlaw Hearts series and other brand-new books, plus a selection of older books and reissues. Check them out at - or view their Facebook page at Facebook/Back-on-the-Rack-Watervliet.

COMING IN 2019/2019:

PARADISE VALLEY cover       I've sold another Christmas anthology story to Sourcebooks! It will be called CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE, and for those of you who read PARADISE VALLEY, it will be about Sage and Maggie and the baby Maggie is carrying - the baby whom Sage promised to love and accept as his own even though this little one was fathered by another man. Accepting the baby proves to be more difficult than he figured, plus there will be some big problems on Sage's huge ranch called PARADISE VALLEY - thus the title, CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE! You will love this beautiful story, to be published October 2019! Meanwhile, if you haven't read PARADISE VALLEY -- now would be a good time to do so!

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       In addition, I have some schedule changes for Amazon's reissue of some of my older books in trade paperback and ebook formats, with brand-new covers. 2018 will bring MONTANA WOMAN, EMBERS OF THE HEART, and SONG OF THE WOLF. (SONG OF THE WOLF was one of my biggest sellers when first published, and many of my readers are looking forward to the reissue of that one! ) 2019 will bring TEXAS EMBRACE, TEXAS PASSIONS, and LOVE ME TOMORROW.

       And, of course, we have LOGAN'S LADY to look forward to next spring. I have to tell you, I am in love with Logan! The hero and heroine are so different that it makes for some great conflict and wonderful banter. Elizabeth Bennett, a high-born English woman, ends up stranded in Abilene, Kansas, her dreams of investing in the American West shattered, and all her valuables stolen. She is rescued by a rough-and-tumble bounty hunter named Logan Best. These two are both strong-willed and opinionated and don’t get along at all at first. But eventually, the princess and the cowboy will realize they had better learn to overcome their differences because try as they might, they can’t ignore the feelings they begin to have for each other!


A WARRIOR'S PROMISE cover     It's here! You can order A WARRIOR'S PROMISE (sequel to CAPTURE MY HEART) in either Kindle format or trade paperback, and begin reading it TODAY!!! (If you haven't yet read CAPTURE MY HEART, click here for more information!)

       I can tell you that you are going to love A WARRIOR'S PROMISE, a touching story involving the infamous Sand Creek Massacre in southern Colorado. It took me a while to get "into" a hero other than my Jake, but I do love Two Wolves!

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"Bittner's sequel to CAPTURE MY HEART - the saga of Two Wolves and his wife, Claire - brings the scenery and time to life as our heroes are caught in the horrors of the American Indian Wars. Bittner's fans will discover another powerfully told story, brimming over with historical events and Native American culture that is as thought provoking and dramatic as it is romantic. The Queen of Western Romance doesn't disappoint with another heartfelt, compassionate and exciting story of a man torn between two lives and the woman who stands by him with a love that defies hatred and injustice." --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

     Claire Matthews is carrying the child of Cheyenne half-breed, Two Wolves, who promised in marriage to live his life in the white world under the name his white mother gave him – Peter James Matthews. Peter is educated and can conduct himself as white; however, Claire understands that deep in his heart, her husband is very Indian.

      In the prequel to this story (CAPTURE MY HEART), it was the “Indian” Two Wolves, a scout for the U. S. Army, who rescued Claire from a fate worse than death and who saved her life more than once in a flight from those who would harm them. Now, as a married couple running a supply business near Fort Collins, Colorado, a restless hatred from Colorado citizens and the Colorado Militia toward the Cheyenne threatens to tear Peter and Claire apart.

     Peter adores and respects Claire’s strength in standing up for the man she loves against those who would condemn her for loving an Indian. He has promised Claire always to be by her side and help her run their business … until the United States Army asks him to accept another scouting mission. Because he thinks it will help the Cheyenne, Peter agrees, but events that follow challenge his promises to Claire.

     When Peter comes across the aftermath of the horrible Sand Creek Massacre committed the by Colorado Militia and their leader, Colonel John Chivington, his Cheyenne blood rises to the surface, and he is once again Two Wolves, a warrior who wants revenge.

      Will Two Wolves’s rage be stronger than his love for Claire and their unborn child? Only true love can hold these two together against a land torn by the changes of a growing West. Power, passion, true history and romance all make this story another winner for “The Queen of Western Romance,” Rosanne Bittner.


     "To love a story you have to crawl into it and live along with the characters. This is what happens anytime I read one of Rosanne's books. What an amazing book." -- Kim, via

     "Once again the Queen of the Western Historical Romance Rosanne Bittner gives her readers a very vivid History lesson. Mrs Bittner has a gift pulling her readers into a book and one feels as if she/he are actually standing there with the characters experiencing the same emotions and feelings they are. . . . I dearly loved this continuation of Claire and Two Wolves' story. I would most certainly love to see a third book as Claire and Two Wolves go on and make a life in the changing West. Well done once again Rosanne Bittner A Warrior’s Promise was all I hoped and more!!!" -- Glenda Kinard

     "A WARRIOR'S PROMISE was an exceptional book detailing the horror and heartache that happened at Sand Creek and the months that followed. . . . . [This] sequel to CAPTURE MY HEARTt continues the story of Claire and Two Wolves, and their courage to live one way of life, while protecting another. A love story which will grab the readers heartstrings. . . which equally rivals her epic Savage Destiny Series." Tonya Lucas

     If you haven't yet read CAPTURE MY HEART, now is the time to do it!

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Now Available: CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS Anthology, with my story A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS!

Christmas In a Cowboy's Arms       Jake Harkner is an ex-outlaw with a ruthless nature, but when it comes to his grandchildren, his heart is as big as the sky. Jake learns how to channel his anger into love and patience in this story about his sweet granddaughter, Sadie Mae, and a young man Jake helps lead away from a path of lawlessness. A life and death situation leads to a lesson in love and forgiveness in A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS.

        My Harkner family Christmas story, A CHICK- A- DEE CHRISTMAS, will be included in the CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS anthology. This story will show a softer side of Jake, and will truly round out the series. Those of you who know my books also know that I am not designed to write “short” stories. I love to dig deeply into a big cast of characters, but you can’t do that with a short story. A CHICK- A- DEE CHRISTMAS will be a very sweet 150 - page story involving Jake's little granddaughter Sadie Mae. Through an "unexpected character" (ie, one that I didn't plan but who just "showed up" as I was writing), Jake is filled with the spirit of forgiveness and joy, the celebration of the birth of Christ, and the beauty of Christmas giving.


     "Just when I was feeling the blues after reading The Last Outlaw and saying good-bye to the Harkers and especially Jake, here was an exciting and gritty, but heartwarming Harker family Christmas. The Harkers go Christmas shopping, find trouble, Jake brings home an angry, bitter stray man, and then they all pray for a Christmas miracle for little Sadie Mae. This was a lovely reunion with a cast of characters I love. The spotlight on Jake and his grandchildren was just precious." -- Sophia Rose

     "This is the first time I've come across the Harkner family but reading this has made me want to continue on and read the Outlaw series.... I really enjoyed this little read and I'm looking forward to reading Jake's story from the beginning." -- Deborah

     "This is a collection of six novellas by different authors all set in the West in the 1800’s during the Christmas season. Although not usually a fan of novellas, I thoroughly enjoyed these very engaging, positive stories and was amazed at how well the characters and story lines were developed in just a few chapters. Highly recommend!" -- Nancy

     "Rosanne Bittner's story is the wrap up I was wanting. It shows the softer side of Jake. The love he has for his family, especially his grandchildren. The sense that he could help a young man, that he saw as a person just like himself at that age, where you can go bad, or take another path and do good." -- Veda

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Now Available: THE LAST OUTLAW

Outlaw Hearts Series

"Bittner revisits the Harkner family of Colorado ranchers in this refreshing and impressive fourth volume (after Love’s Sweet Revenge) of her 19th-century Outlaw Hearts saga. While visiting Boulder, Jake Harkner’s wife, Randy, is taken hostage by bank robbers. Jake is a former outlaw and lawman, so he takes down the robbers, but he’s shot in the crossfire. Randy fears for his life, desperate to save the husband she loves—and whom she needs to protect her, as she was assaulted by outlaws months earlier and is still traumatized by the ordeal. As Randy helps Jake recover from his wounds, she slowly regains her own strength. They return to their family ranch, where they enjoy the love and support of their children and extended family, and Jake gladly promises to retire. But when Jake receives a request to strap on his guns one last time to help an old friend save a young girl, he feels like he can’t refuse. Bittner’s skill with character development is on fine display. Jake and Randy, who began the series as a typical romantic couple, are now grandparents, yet their love continues to grow and mature as they endure trials and triumphs. Bittner has achieved what few authors can: making her fourth installment just as fresh and alluring as the first while keeping the same protagonists at the center of the story." -- Publisher's Weekly,July 2017.

"The last book in the unforgettable Outlaw Hearts series is as powerful a story as readers could want. Bittner strives to gift fans with stories of strength, undying love, family ties and a portrait of the West that sears into their hearts. The underlying power stems from her “leap off the pages” characters and a depth of emotion that touches the soul. As the country moves into a new century, Jake Harkner and his family are busy building a new life in Colorado. Even with his beloved Randy, their children and grandchildren, Jake is haunted by the past. Randy has been Jake’s rock, and now she desperately needs his strength to heal her own wounds. But the past will not rest, and Jake finds himself rescuing his family from bank robbers and becoming a reluctant hero still unable to wipe out his notorious history. Then Jake is caught up in rescuing a kidnapped girl. He must return to Mexico where he will face his demons or die, leaving his family to fight their own battles with the fear that Jake might never return." -- RT Book Reviews Top Pick -- 4 ½ stars

The Last Outlaw        "Times have changed, and the old Wild West is a thing of the past. Nestled in his beautiful Colorado ranch, surrounded by family, infamous former outlaw Jake Harkner’s hung up his guns for good and finally found a measure of peace—but dark memories haunt the woman who has always been his strength, and not even Jake is certain he can save his beloved Miranda this time.

     "All he can do is swear to remain by her side. But it takes more than a hope for peace to outrun a past defined by violence, and it isn’t long before Jake is embroiled in a rescue mission he simply can’t refuse. Life has brought him back full circle as he rides into Mexico to save a young girl from a dreadful fate…leaving Miranda behind one final time, fearing the other half of her soul is destined to die the way he’s always lived—by the gun. "

      When asked my Sourcebooks editor when I would get final edits on THE LAST OUTLAW, her reply was, "I hunted and hunted for some big flaw, but this book is so strong! It was emotional and moving and epic - what a beautiful story!" It doesn't get any better than that for a writer - and now you know you have a great story coming! I am so proud of this one. Proud of Jake. Unbelievable growth. A face-off with his ugly childhood. Such a true hero in this one (something he would never admit himself!). The story involves Peter and Jeff again - and Gretta MacBain from LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE - big time! And a whole new level of love and trust between Jake and Randy - their relationship is more beautiful than ever. A real tear-jerker ending - in a good way! I wish this book was coming out next month instead of in September!


     "Very rarely does a writer come along that touches one's heart and soul as deeply as Rosanne Bittner. There is definitely a reason she's called the Queen of the Western Historicals because she can continue to write such heart moving sagas. The Last Outlaw is such an emotionally charged book that is almost impossible to put down. Will Jake and Randy finally finally get the peace they have so desperately wanted for over 30+ years? Can Jake finally make peace and have closure with his past that has forever haunted him? One simply must read The Last Outlaw to find out. I don't believe I have ever read a book that touched me emotionally as The Last Outlaw did. The Harkners are a family that will never leave ones heart and soul!!.The touching moments Jake has with his grandchildren and in theses moments it's hard to believe that Jake could ever have been the big bad Outlaw he has been in the past. I truly hated for this book to end. I didn't want to leave those beautiful mountains of the J&L Ranch." -- Glenda, 5 September 2017.

     "The Outlaw Hearts saga continues with an intense guns a-blazing opening, as only Rosanne Bittner can deliver. The Last Outlaw is everything her readers expect from such an amazing family. Just as Ms. Bittner's epic Savage Destiny series engulfed our hearts and souls, The Outlaw Hearts saga equally encompasses our hearts and feeds our souls. Jake and his beloved Randy have seen it all, survived it all, and once again will be tested in the most traumatic ways. Jake wants more for his young son and daughter, and grandchildren, he wants them not to follow the life he has lead. From Outlaw, to U.S. Marshal, to rancher, Jake only wants to be the family man he's always craved, but will he get the chance, as he's needed once again to right a wrong and face a demon a lifetime in the making? How much more can the Harkners endure and can they survive this newest turn of events? Jake's sweet disposition and interaction with his grandchildren is precious and so worth witnessing. Even an Outlaw like Jake has an achilies heal when it comes to these little Harkners. This was truly an amazing book that will help heal our hearts after Loves Sweet Revenge'straumatic ending. Rosanne Bittner's The Last Outlaw is phenomenally written with a heart-felt, nail-biting, emotional conclusion. So saddle up and hang on tight, The Harkners will encompass your heart and feed your soul." -- Tonya, 5 September 2017.

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Diversion Re-issues in Trade Paperback:

Lawless LoveComanche SunsetUnforgettableTame The Wild Wind, reissued in Jan. 2016Heart's SurrenderHeart's Surrender

       As you know, in January through April of 2016, thirteen more of my older titles were reissued in e-book format with new covers from Diversion Books (making a total of 21 reissues from them!). We have been patiently waiting for the print versions -- and two, COMANCHE SUNSETand LAWLESS LOVE, were released in trade paperback on 5 September (same day as THE LAST OUTLAW). TAME THE WILD WINDand UNFORGETTABLE came out in trade paperback on 10 October. Next up for the end of November (and just in time for holiday gift- giving):HEART'S SURRENDER and SWEET MOUNTAIN MAGIC!

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       If you have the app on your phone, this graphic will immediately take you to the page on my web site where you can one-click order my books!


Capture My Heart       My new Indian romance, CAPTURE MY HEART, is now available for order in both Kindle and trade paperback formats from! I know you will love Two Wolves -- and thank you, long-time fan Barbara Christian, for helping me choose a name for the hero! Two Wolves, aka Peter James Matthews, is a half Cheyenne army scout, who is not only tall, dark, and handsome, but intelligent, educated, and respected in both of his worlds! The heroine is Claire Stewart, the red-haired, strong, determined daughter of a Denver freighting supply business owner, who inherits her father's business -- and his debts. The two team up to try to prove that so-called "Indian" attacks on wagon trains and settlers are actually the work of someone trying to keep the hatred against the Cheyenne burning hot. This whole story is filled with non-stop adventure, steamy romance, and real history!

       "Claire Stewart has inherited her father’s freighting business based in 1864 Denver, Colorado. Determined to prove she is capable of running the business on her own, Claire must compete against a wealthy businessman who wants to bring her down.

       "Two Wolves, half Cheyenne, scouts for the U. S. Army. He is determined to prove that white men have been committing raids against their own kind in order to fuel the fires of hatred of Colorado citizens against the Cheyenne. When he rescues Claire from just such an attack, he is struck by her fiery independence and youthful beauty. Most of all, he admires her brave attempt to save her father’s business and to help Two Wolves prove that her attack was by white men, led by the very businessman who is her competitor.

       "Through events that keep forcing these two together and cause Two Wolves to risk his life in Claire’s defense more than once, a bond develops that turns into a steamy attraction between a tiny, red-headed young white woman and a powerful, brave, handsome Indian warrior. This attraction leads to a hot, forbidden romance that develops into a memorable “against-all-odds” love story.

       "Set against the true history of atrocities committed by the Colorado militia against peaceful Cheyenne, CAPTURE MY HEART brings to light the struggle of the southern Cheyenne to survive amid more and more white settlement; and it shows the courage of Indians and certain brave whites alike in trying to keep the peace during one of the most difficult periods in Colorado history."


     "Rosanne Bitter continues to capture my heart with each new story she writes, and I find myself always wanting more, never wanting the story to end." -- Michelle Reed

     "Once again it is not hard to see why Rosanne Bittner is the 'Queen of the Western Historical Romance.' ... Two Wolves and Claire's story will have you weeping , laughing and constantly cheering them on for the justices they both so deserve. " -- Glenda Kinard

     "Capture My Heart is an extraordinary book of true historical events during an unsettling time in Colorado's history. ... Gripping, exhilarating, and breathtakingly beautiful. Rosanne has penned another extraordinary book." Tonya Lucas

     "I have read alot of Ms Bittner's books and this one is a keeper!! I hope there will be sequel about this family??!!! Two Wolfes and Clair are unforgettable!!" -- Nancy, via

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NOTE: CAPTURE MY HEART is dedicated to a faithful fan of many, many years, Barbara Christian, from California. This story came about from one simple Facebook message she sent me one day. It was just a little Native American quite and it mentioned an Indian name, Two Wolves. This is how I write. One little name or event can kick off a whole story for me. For some reason I loved that name and decided it would make a great name for a hero in an Indian/ white romance. It's been years since I wrote a Native American story, and for some reason seeing that name lit the fire. This book is the result. I was greatly saddened when Barbara passed away in 2017 -- but she did get to read the book that she had suggested. Thanks, Barbara!

The Touch of LoveRead THE TOUCH OF LOVE!

       I am so tremendously blessed with my wonderful readers. They mean everything to me – and many of them have actually become good friends. The support I get from them is overwhelming. To all of my faithful supporters, I am making available my novella THE TOUCH OF LOVE, a 46-page novella about Robert Kingsley, the half-Indian boy raised by Rising Eagle of my Mystic Indian trilogy, which was previously only available by download from In action, it falls between MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS (Books 2 & 3). .

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The Outlaw Hearts Series:

2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTS   DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS   LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE   The Last Outlaw   Christmas In a Cowboy's Arms
(Note: Please click on any of the covers above for more information about that book, or see my Outlaw Hearts Series page!)

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     "The first book in the series was my first romance book I [ever] read, and all these years later it's still my top favorite! What's cool, is 20+ years after first publishing OUTLAW HEARTS, Rosanne Bittner was given the opportunity to have it reissued and write 2 sequels!! Now she's currently working on a 4th (and last) book for Jake and Randy. You do *not* want to miss these if you are a fan of western romance! She knows how to steal your heart and breath and give it back in the most amazing way!" -- Michelle R., 26 July 2016.

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September 2016: Outlaw Hearts Series Book #3, LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE!

LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE, coming in September 2016!       "Bittner's third installment in her Outlaw Hearts Saga (after 2015's DO NOT FORSAKE ME) follows the Harkner clan in the late 1890's as they establish their ranch in Colorado and deal with threats to their family. Jake Harkner, a former outlaw turned U.S. Marshal who's now a rancher, enjoys working the land of the J&L Ranch. At 60, Jake feels blessed to have his wife Miranda by his side along with their children, Lloyd and Evie, and their families. But Jake has made many enemies over the years, and he knows that he must protect his family when he learns that one of the men who raped Evie has been released from prison. Meanwhile, Randy's afraid that he'll let his lawless side take over and she'll lose him once again to prison. Intense romance complete with the page-turning adventures of life in the old west propels this novel forward to its stunning conclusion, complete with the promise of a future installment." -- Publisher's Weekly, July 2016.

       4.5 Stars, September TOP PICK! "What a joy for Bittner's legion of fans to read the third in the Outlaw Hearts saga! Bittner writes powerful, beautiful, harsh and tender stories that take readers' breaths away with their emotional depth. Strong characters, powerful storytelling, realistic history, sexuality and passion all portrayed through the lives and loves of one remarkable family. This is a tale of tragedy and triumph and the undying power of family to overcome all odds. Bittner at the top of her form. (Plot Summary): After decades of being a hunted man, a lawman and a family man, Jake Harkner can try to live a quiet life. But he can't stop danger from following them to the Colorado ranch he, Miranda and their children have built. When men from Jake's past return to destroy his hard-earned retirement and his son Lloyd's life on the line, Jake will strap on his guns and ride into peril. When his daughter and Miranda are caught in the middle, he will risk everything to save them. But the days of one man's gun ruling the West are dying and with the new century coming, new rules apply. Still, Jake will allow no one and nothing to stand in his way." -- RT Book Reviews

Their Passion Shaped a Nation

Over the years, Jake and Miranda Harkner have endured all the dangers a wild and brutal West could throw at them. Now, settled on their ranch in the beautiful Colorado hill country, they've finally found peace. But for a man like Jake Harkner, danger is always lurking, and the world may not be ready for an infamous outlaw-turned-lawman-turned-legend to hang up his guns.

Threatened by cruel men in search of revenge, the Harkner clan must be stronger than ever before. Yet nothing can stop the coming storm. With the Old West dying around them and the rules of this new world ever-changing, Jake vows to end the threat to his family no matter what it takes...

Even if it means sacrificing himself so his beloved Miranda may live.

        Be sure to watch for the mention of a "secret character" in LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE!! I've decided that if I'm going to set books in areas and time periods in which important characters in some of my other books lived, then for the sake of realism, some of those characters from past books should be mentioned!

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     "The Queen of the Western Historical takes you on the grandest ride yet of her career. LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE opens to Jake and Miranda (Randy) Harkner finally enjoying the peace they have so long sought for nearly 30 years -- or have they truly found that peace for a man that has lived Outlaw then lawman? He definitely has made enemies and when they attack all he holds dear he takes care of things the only way he knows how. Then when Jake's guns can't completely fix a wrong committed he must fix in a way he never has before, drawing for the first time on the goodness and inner strength his beloved wife, daughter and son has always told him is inside of him. Although he has never seen it himself, he has to finally believe it or forever lose all that is precious to him. Can Jake learn that Love is the Sweetest Revenge of all?" -- Glenda, 30 August 2016.

     "Powerful, emotional, and superbly written. Jake Harkner, outlaw turned lawman turned rancher, and his beautiful wife of 30 years, Randy, face the most challenging time of their lives. After living peacefully the last 4 years on their Colorado ranch in the foothills of the Rockies, The Harkner family must band together in spirit to save their family's patriarch. Jake has lived his whole life trying to keep his dark side in check from an incident that occurred when he was a young boy. Randy had been his saving grace, but can her love and the love of his children and grandchildren save the infamous Jake Harkner and his Colt 44's now? The most gripping book I've ever read and an explosive ending that will leave you speechless. Can Love truly be Jake's Sweet Revenge? If you loved OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME, you'll be mesmerized by LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE. As Lloyd told Jake, "Revenge can be sweet, and it doesn't always mean needing a gun." -- Tonya, 4 September 2016.

     "Rosanne Bittner never ceases to amaze me. The highly anticipated new book, about the continuing story of the Harkner family, did not disappoint! I reread the first two, knowing this book was being released. I love the whole story line. I love the characters. I love the old west. I love being swept away and totally sucked in by a good book! Thank you! 5 Stars! Leaves me wanting more!"-- Suzanne, via, 9 September 2016.

     "Jake Wants Peace But He Will Defend His Family With His Life. Heartwarming. Intense. Gripping. Western Romance at its Best! ... Jake and Randy are at the heart of this story, but the scope has widened to include Lloyd and Katie and Evie and Brian, Jeff and Peter, along with the older grandchildren. Their story is all one. The line from Jake to Lloyd to Little Jake to show how each generation carries on the Harkers was clearly made. ... The past having bearing on the present and how each character handles it is a strong thematic element. ... The western history aspect of the story was strong and supported the romance and action plot. The author portrayed the latter years of the 1800s in Colorado, ranch life, and changes in the law and society well. There were hard hitting situations and elements. ... All in all, I was enthralled and wanted nothing more than to remain in the world of the Harkers. I'm so glad there is to be one more book for sure. Those who love sagas and Western romance really need to treat themselves to this series and this author's books."-- Sophia Rose, via, 6 September 2016. [Read entire review here.]

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NEW For 2016 In all E-Reader Formats (Print-On-Demand hopefully coming in 2017):

       During 2016, thirteen more of my older titles have been reissued by Diversion Books with new covers. They are available first as e-books, then, later (I hope), will be out in print-on-demand trade paperbacks. I thought you might be interested in seeing the original publisher and publication date, as well as the theme involved in each title. It just struck me that many of these books, which are still in demand today, are older than some of my readers! (Click on any cover to read more about that book.)

In the Shadow of the Mountains, reissued in Jan. 2016The Forever Tree, reissued in Jan. 2016Tame The Wild Wind, reissued in Jan. 2016Rapture's Gold, , reissued in Feb. 2016Tender Betrayal, reissued in Feb. 2016
Heart's Surrender, reissued in Feb. 2016Lawless LoveComanche SunsetCaressSweet Mountain Magic
UnforgettableShamelessLove's Bounty

  1. IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS, Bantam Books, 7/91; Diversion Books, love story about the founding of Denver. Ordering Options

  2. THE FOREVER TREE, Bantam Books, 3/95; High-born Spanish woman and a logger from New England. Ordering Options

  3. TAME THE WILD WIND, Bantam Books, 10/96; Female owner of a stage station/ Native American. Ordering Options

  4. RAPTURE'S GOLD, Zebra Books, 9/86; Female gold miner/ guide. Ordering Options

  5. TENDER BETRAYAL, Bantam Books, 10/93; Civil War North/ South love story. Ordering Options

  6. HEART'S SURRENDER, Zebra Books, 2/88; Cherokee hero. Ordering Options

  7. LAWLESS LOVE, Zebra Books, 11/85; Outlaw/ Nun. Ordering Options

  8. COMANCHE SUNSET, Zebra Books, 11/91; Comanche hero. Ordering Options

  9. CARESS, Zebra Books, 7/92; Kansas/Missouri border wars. Ordering Options

  10. SWEET MOUNTAIN MAGIC, Zebra Books, 3/90; Mountain Man/ pioneer woman. Ordering Options

  11. UNFORGETTABLE, Zebra Books, 1/94; Orphaned female/ soldier. Ordering Options

  12. SHAMELESS, Zebra Books, 2/93; Female Mexican horse thief/ American soldier. Ordering Options

  13. LOVE'S BOUNTY, Zebra Books, 3/2000; Bounty Hunter/ female who hires him. Ordering Options

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        GOOD NEWS: I have a limited number of signed books that you can purchase directly from me. There are some some hard-to-find older titles, including some foreign translations! Please Email Meme if you're looking for a specific book, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at P. O. Box 1044, Coloma, MI 49038 for a newsletter that lists books I have available.


"Dear Mrs. Bittner, I discovered your books about six months ago, and have been reading them non-stop. MY DILEMMA NOW, MRS. BITTNER, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER I FINISH MY LAST BOOK OF YOURS? I LOVE the period you write in (pioneers and indians) and your wonderful style of writing. I have learned more about our heritage and the wonderful Native Americans from your books than what I learned while in school. PLEASE, PLEASE, I truly hope you can give me a name or two to look into for further reading. PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS....I am a fan of yours for life!!!" -- from a recent email


Please note: A full list of all my past titles and ordering informationare provided elsewhere in this web site!





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