Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

A Full List of My Books

Updated 30 August 2021

Rosanne's bookshelves of her books.


       Here is a list of all of my books. I've noted original publication dates, as well as re-issue dates. Whenever possible, I have included a link so that you can read more about each series, trilogy, or book, and order them directly from Most of my "backlist" is now available in e-book format, as well as new paperback editions and print-on-demand trade paperbacks -- with more in the works!

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       Locally in Southwest Lower Michigan -- my books are available at Hardings Market and Linda's Antiques in Coloma and Back On the Rackin Watervliet! You'll find my new books there, as well as an assortment of my older titles. I am excited to have such great outlets for my work right here in and near my own hometown. (Plus, Email me and we can get together for a personalized autograph.) You can also check with your local library or book store and ask them to order any of my books you’d like to read.

       And if you want a print book personalized for yourself or before you “gift” it, just e-mail me privately at for mailing information, and I will pay the postage to send the signed books back to you! Or, if you prefer, I can autograph a label for you to stick into your book.

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"Savage Destiny"Series (Amazon, all e-readers and trade paperback);

SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionRIDE THE FREE WIND, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionRIVER OF LOVE, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionEMBRACE THE WILD LAND, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionCLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionMEET THE NEW DAWN, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionEAGLE'S SONG, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  1. Sweet Prairie Passion , Zebra, 9/83, 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  2. Ride the Free Wind, Zebra, 1984, 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  3. River of Love, Zebra. 1984, 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  4. Embrace the Wild Land, Zebra, 1984, 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  5. Climb the Highest Mountain, Zebra, 1985, 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  6. Meet the New Dawn, Zebra 1986. 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.
  7. Eagle's Song, Zebra 1996; Amazon, 9/12, 1/14, 2015.

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Outlaw Hearts Series (Sourcebooks, print and all e-reader formats):

2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTSDO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTSLOVE'S SWEET REVENGEThe Last OutlawChristmas In a Cowboy's ArmsCover,BLAZE OF GLORY

  1. Outlaw Hearts, Bantam, 3/93; Sourcebooks paperback and e-reader editions, 6/155
  2. Do Not Forsake Me, Sourcebooks, 7/15.
  3. Love's Sweet Revenge, Sourcebooks, 9/6/16.
  4. The Last Outlaw, Sourcebooks, 9/5/17.
  5. A Chick- A- Dee Christmas, short story in the Sourcebooks anthology CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS, 10/3/17,
  6. Blaze of Glory, Amazon, scheduled for 23 November 2021

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High Lonesome Series:

Ride the High Lonesome Lawman In the High LonesomeJourney to High Lonesome


Mystic Indian Trilogy, Forge Books (Tom Doherty & Associates) (hardcover, paperback, all e-book formats):

MYSTIC DREAMERS Mystic VisionsThe Touch of LoveMystic Warriors

  1. Mystic Dreamers, 4/99, 9/07, 5/15
  2. Mystic Visions. 5/00, 9/07, 5/55.
  3. Mystic Warriors, 5/01, 9/07, 5/15.
  4. "The Touch of Love,"a 46-page short story/ novella originally published as an e-book, which takes place between Mystic Visions and Mystic Warriors. Read THE TOUCH OF LOVE for free online!

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America West Trilogy, Forge Books (Tom Doherty & Associates) (hardcover, paperback, all e-book formats):

Paperback edition of INTO THE WILDERNESSInto the ValleyCover, Into the Prairie

  1. Into The Wilderness, 4/2002 hardcover; mass market paperback, 2/03, 4/14; e-reader, 2015.
  2. Into The Valley, 3/03, hardcover; mass market paperback, 4/05. e-reader, 2015.
  3. Into The Prairie, 7/04, hardcover; mass market paperback, 3/10 e-reader, 2015.

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The Bride Trilogy(reissued by Diversion Books for all e-reader formats, Audiobooks, and trade paperback):

Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014Texas Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014Oregon Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014All three BRIDE books are now available in one e-reader edition!

  1. Tennessee Bride, Warner Books, 1988; Diversion Books. 5/14.
  2. Texas Bride, Warner Books, 1988; Diversion Books. 5/14.
  3. Oregon Bride, Warner Books, 1990; Diversion Books. 5/14.
  4. Bride Series Omnibus Edition (all three books), E-READER ONLY, Diversion Books, 2014.

(NOTE: Arizona Bride is NOT part of this trilogy.)

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The Blue Hawk Trilogy, (Amazon; available in all e-reader fromats):

SAVAGE HORIZONS e-reader version cover FRONTIER FIRES cover for e-reader versionDESTINY'S DAWN cover for e-reader versions

  1. Savage Horizons, Warner Books, 1987; iUniverse, ca 2/2000;, 3/24/13
  2. Frontier Fires, Warner Books, 1987; iUniverse, ca 4/2000;, 3/24/13.
  3. Destiny's Dawn, Warner Books, 1987; iUniverse, ca 1999/2000;, 3/24/13.

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Inspirationals(Steeple Hill Books, print and all e-reader formats):

Where Heaven BeginsWalk By FaithCover, FOLLOW YOUR HEART

  1. Where Heaven Begins, 4/04, trade paperback; mass-market paperback, 4/07; hardcover, Severn House, 6/11.
  2. Walk By Faith, 1/05, trade paperback; mass-market paperback, 9/08.
  3. Follow Your Heart, 10/05, mass market paperback; hardcover, Severn House, 9/13

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II: SINGLE TITLES, (Kindle and Print-on-Demand):

Cover, ARIZONA ECSTACYCover, LOST AND FOUND Capture My HeartA WARRIOR'S PROMISEMontana Woman, 2018 reissue Embers of the Heart, 2018 reissueSong of the Wolf, 2019 ReissueCHASE THE SUN, 2019 reissueTexas Embrace, 2019 reissueTexas Passions, 2019 reissue

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Sourcebooks, Inc., (paperback and all e-reader formats):

Longing For a Cowboy ChristmasLogan's LadyRosanne Bittener's new book PARADISE VALLEYRosanne Bittener's new book DESPERATE HEARTSThunder on the Plains mass market paperback reissue, Oct. 2015Wildest Dreams mass market paperback reissue, January 2016

  • Christmas In Paradise, my short story in the Sourcebooks anthology LONGING FOR A COWBOY CHRISTMAS, 24 September 2019.
  • Logan's Lady, Sourcebooks, March 2019.
  • Paradise Valley, Sourcebooks, July 2013.
  • Desperate Hearts, Sourcebooks, September 2014.
  • Thunder on the Plains, Doubleday books, 1/92, hardcover; Bantam, 8/92; Sourcebooks trade paperback, 7/12; Sourcebooks mass market paperback, 10/15.
  • Wildest Dreams , Bantam, 7/94. Sourcebooks trade paperback, 2/12; Sourcebooks mass-market paperback, 1/5/16.

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Diversion Books (REISSUES of previously published books available in all e-reader formats; some also available as Audiobooks and trade paperbacks):

In the Shadow of the Mountains, reissued in Jan. 2016The Forever Tree, reissued in Jan. 2016Tame The Wild Wind, reissued in Jan. 2016Rapture's Gold, , reissued in Feb. 2016Tender Betrayal, reissued in Feb. 2016Heart's Surrender, reissued in Feb. 2016Lawless LoveComanche SunsetCaressSweet Mountain MagicUnforgettableShamelessLove's BountyTennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014 Cherished Moments Full Circle, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014Until Tomorrow, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014

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The following titles have long been out of print; however, you might find them still available on Watch this web site for news about the future REISSUE of some of these books/stories!

  • Arizona Bride , Zebra, 4/85, summer '96
  • This Time, Forever, Warner, 1989.
  • Prairie Embrace, Zebra, 4/87.
  • Ecstasy's Chains, Zebra, 4/89
  • Sioux Splendor, Zebra, 12/90.
  • Love Me Tomorrow, Zebra, 1/98.
  • Short Story "For the Sake of Love", in the CHERISHED LOVE anthology, Avon Press/Longmeadow Press, 1995
  • Short Story "Miss Chocolate and the Law", in the LOVE BY CHOCOLATE anthology, Avon Press/Longmeadow Press, 1997
  • "A Day in the Life" short story in the "TAILS" TO TELL anthology, Sleeping Cat Press, 10/2000. You can read it here!


If you're looking for a book that isn't on the shelf of your favorite bookstore, your bookseller will be happy to special-order it for you. For those books unavailable even for special-order, check Amazon.comor see my Ordering Informationpage for links to on-line book stores and book search services.

        NOTE: I also have a limited number of signed books that you can purchase directly from me. There are some some hard-to-find older titles and also Foreign Translations! Please Email Me if you're looking for a specific book, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at P. O. Box 1044, Coloma, MI 49038 for a newsletter that lists books I have available.





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