Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

The High Lonesome Series

Ride the High Lonesome


Ride the High Lonesome Lawman In the High LonesomeJourney to High Lonesome

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       Each book in the High Lonesome series is a single title with new hero and heroine, and all with "cameos" of characters from other of my books who just happened to be in the same place at the same time!



Ride The High Lonesome cover A man bent on revenge.
A woman determined to survive.
A land that knows no mercy.
Meet the Men of the Outlaw Trail.

       When Kate Winters is left stranded and defenseless in outlaw country, she knows there’s little chance she’ll make it out alive…until she stumbles across a ruthless gang hanging a cowboy for his cattle. She waits until the outlaws are gone, desperate enough to claim the dead man’s horse to make her escape – only to realize he’s not dead after all.

       Those outlaws should have made damn sure Luke Bowden was good and gone. Now he vows he’ll have his revenge no matter the cost. But they’re miles away from the nearest town, and the woman who saved his hide won’t survive the ride back. He owes her his life – he owes her everything – and it doesn’t take long before he’s faced with a terrible choice: stand by Kate … or claim his revenge?

       RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME, published by Sourcebooks in 2019, is so named because of how huge outlaw trail country is -- the big, BIG country of western Wyoming. The story opens with Kate Winters lost and alone in western Wyoming after an attack on her wagon train. She comes upon a gang of men who are putting a noose around a man's neck. Because she's in outlaw country, Kate is afraid to let the men see her, so she hides and watches in horror as the man is hanged and his hangmen ride off with the dead man's cattle and pack horse.

       Is he dangerous? Did he deserve to die? Kate's actions lead to an unforgettable love story set against the magnificent "high and lonesome" outlaw country along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where lawmen never go, and where no stranger can be trusted. And watch for a "cameo" appearance by Jake Harkner (from my Outlaw Hearts series) in this story!

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What Readers Are Saying About RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME:

"In this richly described historical, Bittner (the Outlaw Hearts series) unites a former Union soldier and a widow in the wilds of 19th-century Wyoming Territory. Kate Winters is traveling alone after surviving an attack on the wagon train she was in. She sees a man being hanged from a tree, and after his would-be killers leave him to die, Kate cuts him down. The man, Luke Bolden, tells Kate that his attackers stole his cattle after wrongly accusing him of being a thief. Determined to recover his cattle and protect the woman who saved his life, Luke takes Kate with him as he travels toward the town of Lander, where he believes he will find the thieves. After recovering the cattle, Luke and Kate encounter deadly outlaws and enjoy passionate moments, but Luke emotionally distances himself from Kate, as being jilted by his fiancée has left him wary of women. Touching, passionate romance between two wounded souls amid the beautiful landscapes of the West make this a page-turner sure to please fans of western historicals." -- Publisher's Weekly

“Bestselling Bittner kicks off a new historical western romance series. Kate Winters is left stranded and alone after outlaws slaughter her wagon party as they were heading West. Reaching the point of desperation, she stumbles upon thieves stringing up a man and stealing his cattle. She resolves to wait for the gang to leave so she can take the unfortunate man’s supplies. But she quickly realizes that the hanged man is still alive and mighty angry. Luke Bowden is hell-bent on revenge on the outlaws who stole everything he had and left him for dead, and he is deeply indebted to the beautiful woman who rescued him. Now Luke must figure out how he and Kate can survive with the few supplies he still possesses. As a plan forms in his mind, his attachment to beautiful Kate grows stronger. How can he leave her alone in this treacherous land? This slow-burn romance is true to Bittner’s signature focus on the emotional connection between the hero and heroine.” -- Patricia Smith, Booklist

"An unforgiving, destitute land as far as the eye could see was all Kate Winters had to her name. She was alive, panicked, but still alive, after the horrific attack. Hanging, barely breathing with a little kick, was all the life that remained in Luke Bowden, until an Angel found him. Two strangers brought together by fate in this wild, lawless land by a common bond.. Survival! Rosanne Bittner is a master at creating lasting storylines, picturesque sceneries, and heroic couples who envelope her reader’s heart and soul, forever." -- Tonya Lucas

"Rosanne Bittner has done it again and in breathtakingly beautiful Rosanne Bittner style. I could not put this book down until I finished it.... Luke and Kate’s story now burrows in my heart along side so many other couples she has written. I cannot say or write enough good things or sing Rosanne Bittner’s praises high enough -- a book by her leaves my heart in a high because it’s such a Wonderful Wonderful story but a low because I have to now wait for her next book. Oh I wish I could convey the pure joy her books bring me! If I could bottle the feeling when I finish a Rosanne Bittner book and sell it she and I both would be multimillionaires." -- Glenda Kinard

"Rosanne Bittner has written yet another epic novel about the wild untamed west. This book will grab your attention in the first few pages and keep you needing to know more. You'll be cheering for Luke and Kate to find a happily-ever-after to make up for their trouble pasts. You'll have to read this page turner to find out if their happily-ever-after's are together and if they ever make it to Oregon." -- Stephanie Jenkins Ortiz-Cerrillo

"Raw and poignant, RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME seizes your attention from the start and keeps you spellbound until the end. This story quickly became one of my top favorite Rosanne Bittner tales, with the emotional impact, epic story-telling, and the charm of an captivating love story. Bringing the wild vastness of Wyoming to life around me, I felt transported back in time and became lost in a different reality. I took my time reading this book just because I wanted to soak up every moment spent with Luke and Kate and didn't want it to end. And when it was over, after I took a few moments to soak it all in, I jumped back in to reread favorite parts... and I can't wait to revisit them again and again!" -- Michelle Reed (Read the entire review here.)

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Lawman In The High Lonesome cover"Like the enthralling rugged beauty of the Outlaw Trail, Lawman in the High Lonesome provides a breath-catching journey through tragedies and triumphs." -- Michelle Reed, Sunshine Lake Reviews (Read full review here.)

Published by Amazon, June 2020

       Civil War widow Elly Lowe is heading for California after losing everything in a prairie fire. She and her family need a new start. On the way, fate interrupts her plans in a horrifying way, leaving her desperate for help.

       In a small Nebraska town, Sheriff Matt Stover grieves the loss of his wife and unborn child in a bank robbery. He has always lived by the law, but he is determined to find and kill the guilty Liberty brothers. Matt sets out to follow the culprits into notorious outlaw country, very dangerous territory for a lawman.

        When Matt meets Elly along the way, they strike up a sweet friendship, an attraction they know is only temporary. They must go their separate ways, but they will meet again under very different circumstances, leaving Matt to face life or death situations. Will lawman Matt Stover turn outlaw for revenge? Or will Elly’s faith and devotion be enough to bring him peace?

       Look for a cameo appearance by Sage Lightfoot from PARADISE VALLEY!

What Readers are Saying:

"Rosanne Bittner never fails to deliver on a Dang good, True-Grit Western." -- Glenda Kinard

"Rosanne writes such beautiful loves stories which stand the test of time. Lawman In The High Lonesome is another testament to Ms. Bittner’s amazing talent." -- Tonya Lucas

"Rosanne Bittner brings you on the journey with her characters; what ride it was. We rode the Outlaw Trail, met some interesting people and saw gun fights. This book held my interest from start to finish." -- Yvonne Grace Wohlfeil

"This is a story of life on the trail; surviving brutality; and, developing romance. After reading the Outlaw Hearts Series, I looked forward to this new book. Congratulation to the author for a great job of writing." -- Marlene, on BookBub

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Cover for JOURNEY TO HIGH LONESOME"If you’re a fan of historical western romance books, especially those packed with passion and heat, then I highly recommend this book. FIVE PLUS STARS!! " -- Amy A. on Amazon

Published by Amazon, December 2020

       In 1868 Gainesville, Texas, Ashley Vale welcomes home Nick Calhoun, the man she loves and who has been missing for six years after marching off to war when Ashley was only sixteen. Events during and after Nick escaped from a Union prison have left him a wanted man, and he has come home only to say good-bye again. Believing Ashley deserves a better life than he can give her, Nick heads to Outlaw Country without her.

       Her heart shattered, Ashley leaves Gainesville to start a new life under the Homestead Act, but circumstances lead her to being framed for a soldier’s murder. Nick learns of Ashley’s fate and bravely risks his life – and prison - to rescue her. Long-neglected desires explode into white-hot passion as, together, they challenge a lawless land in search of peace . . . and a place to escape from the past that tore them apart.

       A thrilling read set against the magnificent western landscape of America’s historic Outlaw Trail.

       Look for a cameo appearance by Moses Tucker from LAWLESS LOVE!

What Readers are Saying:

"Hold onto your saddle, because you're in for a heart pounding ride across the wild west!. . .This is a terrific addition to the Outlaw Trail series, and I'm delighted to find out more are planned for the future." -- Michelle Reed, Bookbub

"Rosanne Bittner's latest installment in the Outlaw Trail series is another great read! . . . The plot is fast moving and full of action. The way it is written allowed me to feel like I had stepped into the pages of the story, met real life characters and visited the places described and watched the action happen first hand. A wonderful wild west escape for the reader to take!" -- Teresa W, Bookbub

"Loved this book. Now my husband will read it." -- Barbara, review

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