Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Thank you to all my readers!

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       One reader writes, "Many people tend to sneer at romance novels...not realizing the appeal they have for all audiences and the work that goes into them to make them authentic." Well, thanks to all of you, I'm happy to say that my books are reaching all audiences, men and women, from teens to octogenarians, encompassing all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds.

       Because of your response to my writing, I have now sold books for foreign publication in Russia, Taiwan, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, and the Netherlands. I receive letters from Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, the West Indies, Singapore, and Egypt, and email from Canada and Japan.

        Best of all, due to the efforts of those of you who pass my books on not only to sisters and daughters, but also to husbands and sons, I am rapidly becoming known as a writer of Westerns, as well as of romance! I am gratified to hear from many male fans who are as enthusiastic about my work as my female fans! Below are comments taken from a cross-section of the many letters and email I receive:

  • "Rosanne is one of my all-time favorites. One of the highlights of going to the Romantic Times convention in Ft. Worth was meeting her in person....And talk about historical accuracy! She is one of the best I know for giving you an education while reading and doing it in such a way that you don't even realize it!" -- Maudeen Wachsmith, of Rawhide & Lace Magazine

  • "THANK YOU for your wonderful expression of American western history and romance, and for sharing it with all your loyal fans." -- Charlotte, via email

  • "Rosanne, I want to thank you for the pleasure that your book gave me. It was that kind of book that a person finds hard to put aside even when your wife is calling you to supper." -- Arthur, 81 years young

  • "I love books with a western setting, and I love all of the detail work that you put into your writing. I just can't wait to turn the page when I'm reading your books." -- via email

  • "My list of favorite authors include Jude Devereaux, Fern Michaels, Danielle Steele, Victoria Holt--I've had to put your name at the top of the list, even above Victoria Holt." -- Jeanette

  • "Our son and his wife have been reading your novels for a long time. When my husband had a stroke, they wanted him to start reading again, so [my son and his wife] stocked us with the Savage Destiny series...John read them, and as fast as he finished a book, I read it...Thanks to you, my husband is reading again!" -- Mrs. Leezer

  • "Your stories keep me up all night...I'm up in my seventies--and your books take me back in time--and I relive my life through your wonderful imagination! Thank you for being there for all of your readers." -- Zella Mae

  • "Thank your for your wonderful stories. Each contains a plot, lots of action, and first-class romance. I think your readers keep them because they're so delicious!" -- Zhenin

  • "Your books are so informative and spellbinding! I love spending a snowy Michigan Evening curled up with a cup of tea and a book of yours transporting me to another place and time." -- Patricia, email

  • I am half Cherokee, and I have yet to read a book that has the compassion, understanding, pride, and awareness that your books have for the Indian race. The comprehension and sympathy that you have written about will never be met by another. You truly comprehend what is in every Indian's heart." -- Kristina

The Savage Destiny Series:

Savage Destiny Series

  • "I am very glad this series was reissued...These books will go on my 'keeper' shelf. I will pass them along to my daughter and sister-in-law to fast as you write, it just is not fast enough!" -- Linda

  • "This is the most wonderful western Indian series I have ever read! I have read several, including one by Janelle Taylor, but yours was by far more thrilling, an absolutely wonderful love story, and magnificent history!" -- Lynn

  • "Your Savage Destiny series is wonderful! I have Cheyenne blood and just recently started learning about Native American heritage and cultures. I find that your stories teach me more about 'Indian' ways." -- Lori

  • "I have never in my something so addicting as Abigail and Zeke Monroe. I am part Cherokee-Comanche myself, and I can just imagine, thru your words, how my ancestors lived and died...I have read many of your books, and they have hit me in the heart, but I have to admit that the Savage Destiny Series has left me breathless." -- Treasa

  • "I just finished your book Eagle's Song and couldn't put it down. It's one of the few books I have read that I cried, all through and including the ending. What a wonderful wrap-up of a saga!" -- Dee, email

  • "Up until I read your Savage Destiny Series, my favorite authors had been Danielle Steele, Sharan Sala aka Diana McCall, and Jackie Collins. But you have far surpassed them in every way. I did not want the series to end. Zeke and Abigail were such wonderful people. I feel as I have lost two very close friends." -- Jan

Tame The Wild Wind

  • "The characters were so wonderful and the story moved so quickly that I just couldn't put it down...I believe it is a mark of a great author to move people emotionally and you consistently do that." -- Laurie, email

  • "...Terrific, just like all your books. You can not write them fast enough for and Judith McNaught are my favourite authors." --Sharon in Ontario, Canada, email

  • "I have just finished Tame the Wild Wind , and I am so excited! It's just coincidence that I picked up your book in the bookstore during my short trip to the U. S., as I've been interested in the Native American culture. Never I have imagined that such a beautiful, yet strong romance exists! I love your strong heroine as well as the ideal hero Tall Bear. I really missed when my happy moment reading it (about 12 hours) had to come to an end!" -- Kiyoko in Japan, email

Outlaw Hearts

  • "Being totally disabled I do a lot of reading, about two or three books a week...I've read books by Louis L'Amour, Zane Gray, Max Brand...I thought that I have read all the good Westerns until I read Outlaw Hearts Your book belongs at the top with the best of them. I am quite interested in reading more of your books." -- Steven

  • "I have never in my life read anything that ripped at my heart the way Outlaw Hearts did. You have an absolutely wonderful way of expressing your ideas to make them come alive!" -- Diana

  • "My 88-year-old mom has become one of your fans. I can't tell you how many books I have brought her and how many she has rejected, in my search to find 'a good book set in the Old West'...When she read your Outlaw Hearts, she declared it to be one of the best books she had ever read. Thank you for your novels. They are certainly giving much joy to one very senior citizen!" -- Marilyn

  • "I've read just about everyone like Sandra Brown, LaVyrle Spencer, Judith McNaught, Dorothy Garlock, Karen Robards, etc., but your books are my absolute favorite. After reading Outlaw Hearts, I went back and bought every one [of your books] they had on the shelf!" --a fan

  • "Thank you for the enjoyment and tears that your novels have provided me through the years. My favorites are Outlaw Hearts and Wildest Dreams. Sometimes, novels don't give enough of the long lasting romance that romantics need to sustain that good feeling. You take us to the bitter end! Thank you for the pleasure of sharing your characters with me." -- Gigi

Wildest Dreams

  • "The book caught me and kept me for a number of days, and I am once again in awe of your stories. I hated to see it end, but what an ending you did give it! Made me feel good all over!" -- Shirley

  • "I simply could not put it down! I kept reading, yet when I realized how close I was coming to the end, I didn't want the book to finish. I wanted the story of Luke and Lettie Fontaine to continue, yet I had to finish the book. I'd like to think Luke and Lettie lived somewhere in history." --Erin

Tender Betrayal

  • "I just read your wonderful novel...what a story it was! Wow. I want to commend you on your research and historical background that went into the novel...Your story moved me more than any other civil war based novel because of the rich balance of love story and war facts that went into it. Nicely done, Ms. Bittner!" -- Tracy

Thunder On The Plains

  • I enjoyed reading this book very, very much. I love western books, and have quite a few by Louis L'Amour and Elmer Kelton. I would like information about other books you have written." -- John

  • "I read Thunder On the Plains in 11 hours...I was lost in this marvelous story. My favorite authors are LaVyrle Spencer, Danielle Steele, and V. C. Andrews. You are now on the list with them!" -- Shawn

In the Shadow of the Mountains

  • "...An excellent historical novel of the growth of Denver...Is it possible to create a television miniseries based on the novel that might lead into an ongoing series of weekly episodes?" -- Brian

Brian's question is not unusual. Read on...

  • "I would love to see the [Savage Destiny] story on the big screen, and I'm sure it would top 'Dances with Wolves.' This masterpiece deserves to be shared by more than just the avid readers...Danielle Steele has done a few movies with her books...but your story is better and contains so much history." -- Kandi, email

  • "The Savage Destiny Series was much better than Gone With The Wind...and should be put on the big screen. The characters in your novels always appear so real!" -- Maureen

  • "I can't get enough of the Monroes! I think this series would make a really good movie. Is this a possibility?" -- Tracy, email

Well, Brian, Kandi, Maureen, Tracy, and all the rest of my supporters who would like to see movies made of my books: How I wish! Unfortunately, though my agent is in frequent contact with people on the West Coast who handle such things, I have no control over the matter at all. Several producers have shown interest, but so far nothing has been finalized. Besides that, a great majority of books that are optioned for movies never make it to the big screen, or the little one. So, just keep buying those books, and keep hoping. The bigger my name becomes, the better chance I will have of getting one of my books made into a movie. Letters or email to studios and networks from my readers can't hurt, either! -- Rosanne

       Now that you've heard from other readers, I'd like to hear from you!

       What is your favorite Rosanne Bittner book, and why? Is it the characters, the plotting, the history, the love story? Was it a book you just couldn't put down, or did you read a little bit every day so that you could savor it longer? (Or both? Some readers tell me they race straight through my books on the first reading just for the story, then enjoy them again at a slower pace to catch all the details and nuances they missed the first time!)

       What enticed you to buy one of my books--you read all my books, you liked the cover art, the "teaser" on the back sounded interesting, you saw my web site and decided to give my books a try, the lady next to you in the bookstore handed you one of my books?

       Write or Email Me your own comments, or share them with everyone via my Guestbook. You may find yourself quoted in a future update of this page!





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