Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

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GOOD NEWS: I have a limited number of signed books that you can purchase directly from me. There are some some hard-to-find older titles! Please Email Me if you're looking for a specific book, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at P. O. Box 1044, Coloma, MI 49038 for a newsletter that lists books I have available.

       More good news for local readers: my books are now available at Hardings Market in Coloma, MI and Back On the Rack Resale Shop in Watervliet, MI! Rright now, you'll find my entire Outlaw Hearts Series and other new books/ reissues, as well as an assortment of my older books. I am excited to have such great outlets for my books right here in/ near my own hometown!

       As you probably already know, most of my older, out-of-print books have been or are in the process of being reissued -- either as e-books, in print, or both. My Books in Print page lists all of my books to date, with direct ordering links where available. My E-books page lists all of my books available in e-reader format, with direct ordering links for Kindle, Nook, iPhone, and Kobo (where available).

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        I am now "Kindle-graphing" my e-books -- which means I can send you personalized digital inscriptions for any of my books offered in Kindle edition by! Click here for details and available e-books.

       As always, I encourage all of my readers to support their local bookstores by buying or ordering my books from them. Please do not be shy about asking your bookstore to special-order any of my books--you'll be helping out both the bookstore and me. The bookstore will be making a sale, and, if they receive enough requests for my books, they will carry a larger selection! (Note: for a list of bookstores in your area with their own websites, visit Indie Bound, formerly BookSense, and just type your zip code in the store locator box.)

       However, if you wish, you can still order most of my books, new and used, through this link to

       For those hard-to-find and out-of-print books, check your local used book stores, and the used bookstore listings at Bookwire. Other sources of new and used/hard-to-find books are:

       If you know of a book exchange or a used book search service and would like to help others find my out-of-print books, please email me the name, address, phone number, and particulars, and I'll include them here!

       The only way you can obtain my foreign translations is through the publishers, as listed on those pages! is pleased to have Rosanne Bittner's Heart of the West in the family of associates. We've agreed to ship products and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on Rosanne's website. associates list selected books and music in an editorial context that helps you make the right choice. We encourage you to visit Rosanne often to see what new items she's selected for you.
Thank you for shopping with an associate.
Jeff Bezos
P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at If you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that all cover art from Mystic Dreamers is copyrighted © 1998 by Forge Books and the artist, Royo. Jacket design by Martha E. Sedgwick. All rights reserved; jacket art used by permission.





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