Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Mystic Indian Trilogy

Mystic Indian Series


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New cover, trade paperback reissue of Mystic Dreamers. New cover for trade paperback reissue of Mystic Visions. New cover for trade paperback reissue of Mystic Warriors.
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Mystic Dreamers, new cover for September 2007 reissueMYSTIC DREAMERS original cover"Rosanne Bittner is one of the best writers of Native American romance stories and MYSTIC DREAMERS is one of her best efforts to date." -- Janelle Taylor, bestselling author of Lakota Dawn

"MYSTIC DREAMERS embodies the Native American spirit and portrays a time of change with sensitivity, accuracy, and a true sense of the cultural and mystical aspects of a proud people. Rosanne Bittner's stories are powerful because she creates memorable characters who enlighten readers as they rekindle the magical spark that belonged to the first people to love this land." -- Romantic Times

"I'm a great admirer of Rosanne Bittner. MYSTIC DREAMERS is beautifully written and structured, and does much to break the novel of the West out of the confines of stale myth and the narrow alley of history between the end of the Civil War and the closing of the frontier; she will not accept that ghetto. Hers is the West of blood, tears, and transcendent dreams." --Loren D. Estleman, author of The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association

"...a beautiful, spellbinding book, historical fiction at its best...[Bittner is] a true artist at blending historical detail, excitement, and drama...[she] approaches her characters in an inventive way, giving them a beguiling depth and richness as she weaves intriguing magic for your reading pleasure." -- The Lebanon Reporter

"Filled with suspense and high emotion...Sure to please Bittner's fans and to win over new converts." -- Booklist

"This first in a series of historicals from Ms. Bittner, in hardcover, will capture any reader.  Her consistent high quality of writing is a work of beauty.  The reader is taken from the top of Medicine Mountain to the Black Hills.  Most of all her characters are stunning: the heroine [grows] from a very reluctant fifteen year old bride to a most exceptional woman of love and courage; the hero is without a doubt the most loving and caring man anyone could meet.  Ms. Bittner's writing is so graphic you can feel, touch, and smell the life she 'paints' of the Indian ways.  The only other thing I can possibly say is, 'take a bow, lady, this is a standing ovation!' 6 bells!"  --   Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book & Candle Bookstore (5 bells is normally her highest rating)

"In my opinion, this is far and away Ms. Bittner's best work yet. More than just a historically accurate romance, Ms. Bittner has managed to give life to that which is often neglected - the spirituality of the Native American.  Undoubtedly the most beautiful portrayal of Lakota customs and beliefs in print anywhere, and a must read for anyone who wants a better understanding of the Native American point of view.  What a story!  I loved it!"  -- Margaret Ohmes, The Old Book Barn  

"A fast-paced tale that abounds with Ms. Bittner's love and respect for her characters and their way of life.  Readers will be treated to a heartwarming and complex portrait of life amongst the Sioux during a pivotal time in their history.  A fascinating novel that captures the complexities of that life, filled with empathy and understanding, which in turn makes her readers care all the more.  I can't wait for the next installment in the series." -- Gail Link, Waldenbooks

"It has been years since I have found such an amazing author as this! It follows history closely. Shows how things were made and the pride of ceremonies. I did not realize how much I was learning about the Lakota because I was deep into the story of this incredible couple! Don't miss Mystic Dreamers!" --Detra Finch, Huntress Book Reviews

        "For over a decade, Rosanne Bittner has enthralled her readers with tales of adventure and romance in the times before the White Man settled the West. Now, in the tradition of Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear, the bestselling author of SONG OF THE WOLF and the Savage Destiny Indian series turns her hand to historical fiction with a wonderful new story of Native America sure to capture you and carry you on an adventure of love and hate, good and evil, life and death.

        "Rosanne Bittner has established a reputation for realism in her writing about Native Americans. Extensive research backs up her historically accurate stories about America's Old West. now, she once again proves her reputation with a story filled with history, action, and romance, told through realistic, unforgettable characters.

        "In 1833, Star Dancer, a Sichangu (Brulé Sioux) is promised in marriage to Stalking Wolf, an Oglala warrior whom she has never met. What begins as a loveless union develops into a moving story of a man and a woman led by powers beyond their control. Dreams, visions, and mystic experiences fill this provocative love story that launches a saga about the Lakota and their first meeting with the White Man.

        "For readers of Rosanne Bittner's previous books, this novel ends your long wait: a new story in a collectible format, sure to bring you many hours of reading pleasure. For new readers, this novel is your introduction to a wonderful author, one who is sure to entertain you and hold you captive with her incredible ability to transport you to a time long since lost, when buffalo really did roam the plains, honor was the most valuable asset for men and women, and respect and appreciation for the Earth were foremost.

        "'Wakan Tanka nici un.' -- May the Great Spirit go with you and guide you."

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Mystic Visions, new cover for September 2007 reissueMystic Visions - original cover"June 1836, The Month of Making Fat. [MYSTIC VISIONS] continues where MYSTIC DREAMERS left off. Just as amazing as the last, this book follows history with great accuracy. A powerful and dramatic story that will leave its readers breathless! I was captivated from the very first paragraph! I felt like crying when it ended because I was begging for more! ...Here is a series that thousands will collect in hardback versions for their "keeper shelf". I will be one of them!" -- Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews

"Bittner's descriptions of Lakota life are impeccably researched, with impressive scenes of visions and ceremonies...bringing a variety of intriguing Native American characters to life." -- Publishers Weekly

"Rosanne Bittner retains her title as a premier Indian romance writer...Her intuitive understanding of a distant culture and her talent int bringing it to the page makes MYSTIC VISIONS poignant and startling." -- Romantic Times

       Follow the continuing story of Rising Eagle and Buffalo Dreamer, from 1836 - 1851, as they continue to cling to the Lakota Way through the white man's growing intrusion into the Black Hills and into the vast hunting grounds of the Lakota.

       In this story sure to entrall both first-time readers and devoted fans, we follow Buffalo Dreamer, Rising Eagle, and their children through the great Indian wars and the settling of the West, where, in addition to the risks and rewards of daily life, they and their Lakota tribe must face the influx of white settlers and soliders into their lands and into their lives.

       In MYSTIC VISIONS, we experience Buffalo Dreamer's increasingly powerful visions of the bluecoats and a coming war. Learn the fate of Big Little Boy and Never Sleeps, and of Never Sleep's mother, Fall Leaf Woman. And we meet the one who is destined to lead the Lakota People in their greatest trial ever, Crazy Horse.

       Feel the pride, dream the dreams, go into battle with Rising Eagle and Buffalo Dreamer. Watch their children grow. Learn about the power of the Sacred White Buffalo and of faith in the Feathered One. MYSTIC VISIONS delves deeply into Lakota culture and religion.

       Emotions run high in this sequel to MYSTIC DREAMERS -- prophetic visions, romance, and heart-pounding action scenes are certain to enthrall new readers and renew enthusiasm among lifelong fans.

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The Touch of Love       THE TOUCH OF LOVE is a 46-page novella about Confederate Army doctor Robert Kingsley, the half-Lakota boy raised by Rising Eagle, schooled at the University of Michigan, and uncertain exactly where he actually belonged. Then, he saved the life of Rebecca Brady after she had been bitten by a rattlesnake, and the world changed for both of them.

THE TOUCH OF LOVE was previously only available by download from, but I have made it available for free as a thank-you to my loyal readers. In action, it falls between MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS (Books 2 & 3).

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New cover for September 2007 reissue of Mystic WarriorsMystic Warriors - original cover"Few authors write about Native Americans with as much authenticity and passion as Rosanne Bittner. Readers can count on a story rich with details, charismatic characters, and great depth of emotion. Readers will not only savor this trilogy, but will also place the collection with reverence on their 'keeper' shelf." -- Romantic Times

       The White Buffalo is a sacred and holy creature to the Lakota. Those who have seen the mystical creature are said to have been blessed. In the first two novels of this series, MYSTIC DREAMERS and MYSTIC VISIONS, Buffalo Dreamer, a holy woman, is so blessed. She and her husband, Rising Eagle, have not only seen the white buffalo, they have eaten of its heart and have been told by the white buffalo herself that as long as the Lakota have the skin of the white buffalo, all will be well.

       But all is not well. White hunters have stolen the sacred skin and much trouble has befallen the Lakota. Settelers continue to invade Lakota territory, backed by vicious cavalry fources who massacre women and children. The white man honors no treaty. The Lakota are starving. Their anger is growing. Led by Rising Eagle, his son Brave Horse, the famed Sitting Bull and the prophesied savior of the Lakota, Crazy Horse, a great force of Lakota, Shihenna and other tribes wage war upon the white man. For they are the MYSTIC WARRIORS, battling to regain the land stolen from them, protect the precious buffalo the white man wantonly destroys, and searching for the sacred white robe that has wrongfully been taken from them. With great action, romance, and suspense, MYSTIC WARRIORS continues the story of the characters we have come to love: Buffalo Dreamer, Rising Eagle, Brave Horse, Yellow Hair, Fall Leaf Woman, Spirit Walker, and William, the unknown son of Rising Eagle.

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