Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Westward America Trilogy

Westward America Trilogy

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"The [America West] novels tells the personal stories of some of the brave pioneers who settled this country's early wilderness, at great personal risk. Deftly combining soul-stirring romance with true American history, Bittner creates a world in which brave men and women make the greatest sacrifices possible to see their dreams made reality — and with them, the dreams of a young nation."



INTO THE WILDERNESS coverINTO THE WILDERNESS will be reissued in mass market paperback in 2013.

"Fans of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and Donald Clayton Porter's White Indian series will find this book satisfying." -- Library Journal

"The colorful backdrop and historical accuracy make this a wonderful beginning to a promising series." -- Romantic Times

        Publisher's Weekly gave INTO THE WILDERNESS, the first book in the new Westward America series, such a wonderful review that I would like to share it with you in its entirety:

        "Popular historical romance writer Bittner is off to a solid start with the first of her Westward America! series, which will examine the settling of America, moving progressively westward with each novel. Her tale begins in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains in the 1750's against the backdrop of the French and Indian War. The author's extensive research into 18th century Native American life as well as the dire circumstances faced by the New World's early settlers add zip to the budding romance between 16-year-old Jessica Matthews and heroic hunter Noah Wilde, who saves Jess's life during an Indian attack. Noah is a spy for the English; he's on top of French strategy and also knows which tribes favor the French or English in their territorial conflict. Bittner ably captures early colonial life, portraying - among other historical figures - a young George Washington, appearing as a scout for the British and guided by the able Noah. The drama peaks when most of the Matthews family is massacred during an Indian raid; Jess is kidnapped by a group of young warriors while other Indians take her toddler brother. The author's clever juxtaposition of fierce warrior behavior with touching acts of tribal kindness result in a three-dimensional picture of Native Americans. The powerful dual portrait of Jess, a remarkable survivor, and Noah, an experienced hunter and canny diplomat, gets this series off to an auspicious start." -- Publishers Weekly

       Althought Noah and Jessica are fictitious characters, INTO THE WILDERNESS is filled with real history, characters, and adventures that depict the courage and determination necessary for the birth and growth of the United States of America.

NOTE: INTO THE WILDERNESS was selected for inclusion in Best Books for High School Readers: Grades 9-12 (Children's and Young Adult Literature Reference) , by John E. Gillespie and Catherine Barr! Recommended for "mature teens."

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Into the Valley        The second in my "America West" series, INTO THE VALLEY debuted in March 2003 in hard cover from Forge Books.

       INTO THE VALLEYis the moving story of one woman torn between two brothers who have drastically different visions of the future of their country.

       In 1780, during the turbulent days of the American Revolution, Annie Barnes is engaged to stable, loving Luke Wilde, an Ohio Valley farmer who is satisfied with his life and not at all sure that it's right or advisable to fight the British crown. But because of a life-changing experience in her childhood, Annie also has strong feelings for his brother, Jeremiah Wilde, a wanderer who becomes deeply involved in the patriot cause and ends up bringing the war a little too close to Annie and Luke's settled life.

       As the brothers become dangerously embroiled in the fighting, Annie's relationships with both of them are twisted, tried, and tangled beyond recognition. As Luke and Jeremiah face unimaginable dangers, Annie must confront her feelings about the future—both of the land she adores and the brothers she can't live without.

       INTO THE VALLEY is a story of war's unexpected effects on the lives of ordinary citizens, and of the courage of the early patriots showed in gaining America's independence.

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Cover of Into the Prairie by Rosanne Bittner."The third America West tale, INTO THE PRAIRIE is a fabulous historical romance that does more than just bring to life an era although the story line clearly does do that. Sadie's dilemma is the key extra element that makes for a fantastic tale. The support cast consists of warm fully developed protagonists regardless of natural origin, but Rosanne Bittner's deep novel belongs to the stupendous Sadie." — Harriet Klausner

"[Rosanne Bittner is] a true artist in blending historical detail, excitement, and drama." -- The Lebanon Reporter

       Jonah Wilde has always had an untamed spirit, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his dream of building a farming empire in the wild prairies of Indiana. Back in Ohio, he decides that the family farm is not big enough for his growing family, his older brother, spouse and children, and their teenage younger sibling. He, his wife Sadie, and their three-year-old son Paul move to the Fort Wayne, Indiana Territory planning to start their own spread.

       But in 1810, the Shawnee Indians still call these prairies home, and a disastrous and violent encounter with the Shawnee changes everything for the Wilde family. Sadie and Paul are left to fend for themselves at Tippecanoe, and are abducted by the Indians. Even more frighteningly, one warrior, Wingo, believes Sadie is the woman he has envisioned as his squaw for years.

       Her dreams in tatters, and thinking Jonah dead, Sadie doesn't know whether she'll have the strength to go on. Sadie and Paul's fates lie in the hands of the Powatomi leader, Windigo, and his Shawnee counterpart, the notorious Tecumseh. Will their lives be spared? And if they live, will they ever return to the life Sadie dreamt of with Jonah?

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