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       The publishing world is always changing -- not always in the right direction. Amazon Publishing at the moment seems to be a good fit for me, both for new books and for reissues of my older ones! (By the way, you can read my thoughts on the reissue of so many of my books in e-reader format in my article, What Goes Around, Comes Around -- The Beauty of a Backlist.)


New Books:


Girl running through a field toward a mountainDANCING BENEATH YOU

(Published by Amazon Books, 9/22)

     Finally divorced from a violently abusive man, Carmen Wolfe is ready to enjoy life again, but not ready to love again. During a performance of Native American song and dance she attends at a new casino near her Michigan hometown, a live wolf named Caesar, who is part of the act, disobeys its trainer and sits down beside Carmen’s aisle seat and refuses to budge. He glares at Carmen with wild, yellow eyes, leaving her terrified and afraid to move.

     Worried about the dangerous situation, lead dancer Benjamin Red Wolf Colter, a lawyer for the Lakota (Oglala Sioux), leaves the stage to calm the tense moment. He urges Caesar back to his cage and apologizes to Carmen, but once he returns to South Dakota, Ben cannot stop thinking about the beautiful woman he met in Michigan. Heartbroken over his wife and unborn son, who were killed in an assassination attempt on his life, Ben believes that the incident with Caesar means the wolf spirit has chosen Carmen as the woman who can put an end to his grief and teach him to love again.

Carmen, too, cannot ignore the sizzling attraction she and Ben shared in that first fateful meeting. She stays in touch, and soon a deeper relationship leads her to South Dakota. Can these two overcome past tragedies? Can Carmen learn to trust again? And can she live with the fact that someone still wants Ben Colter dead?

The haunting lure of the South Dakota Badlands holds all the answers.

"DANCING BENEATH YOU is a novel that will capture your senses, tug at your heartstrings, and keep you on edge from beginning to end with its addictive pacing, beautiful atmospheric portrayal, and the edgy thrills that keep you yearning for more…A GEM OF A ROMANCE!" -- Renee, Addicted to Romance (Read entire review here.)

"Addicted to Romance" also did a wonderful interview with me, along with more details on Renee's opinion about DANCING BENEATH YOU. You can read it here -- I know you'll enjoy it!

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(Published by Amazon Books, 4/21)

        LOST AND FOUND is an anthology containing a sampling of the works of some of my friends/ fellow authors and myself. Among the nine short short stories in the book, you'll find a new story of my own called TROUBLE RIDES A FAST HORSE.

       The title LOST AND FOUND refers to the fact that this collection of sweet, spicy, and hot romance stories -- "from today, yesterday, and in the future; from this world and beyond" -- are all about love that has been lost and then found again. The book, available in e-reader format or trade paperback, is a fund-raiser for a writers group I belong to called Grand Rapids Romance Writers Group (they are not affiliated with Romance Writers of America). Other authors who have included stories are Diana Lloyd, Diana Stout, Jae Vel, K. D. Norris, Lisa Campeau, Martin L. Shoemaker, Natalia Baird, and Patricial Kiyono.

       In my story, TROUBLE RIDES A FAST HORSE, teenager Jackie is distraught that her best friend is going to date her secret crush. When her grandmother tells stories about the lost loves of her own grandmother, mother, and herself, Jackie learns how all of their individual prayers were answered.

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(Published by Amazon Books, 3/17)

       Thank you, long-time fan Barbara Christian, for helping me choose a name for the hero! Two Wolves, aka Peter James Matthews, is a half Cheyenne army scout, who is not only tall, dark, and handsome, but intelligent, educated, and respected in both of his worlds! The heroine is Claire Stewart, the red-haired, strong, determined daughter of a Denver freighting supply business owner, who inherits her father's business -- and his debts. The two team up to try to prove that so-called "Indian" attacks on wagon trains and settlers are actually the work of someone trying to keep the hatred against the Cheyenne burning hot. This whole story is filled with non-stop adventure, steamy romance, and real history!

       "Claire Stewart has inherited her father’s freighting business based in 1864 Denver, Colorado. Determined to prove she is capable of running the business on her own, Claire must compete against a wealthy businessman who wants to bring her down.

       "Two Wolves, half Cheyenne, scouts for the U. S. Army. He is determined to prove that white men have been committing raids against their own kind in order to fuel the fires of hatred of Colorado citizens against the Cheyenne. When he rescues Claire from just such an attack, he is struck by her fiery independence and youthful beauty. Most of all, he admires her brave attempt to save her father’s business and to help Two Wolves prove that her attack was by white men, led by the very businessman who is her competitor.

       "Through events that keep forcing these two together and cause Two Wolves to risk his life in Claire’s defense more than once, a bond develops that turns into a steamy attraction between a tiny, red-headed young white woman and a powerful, brave, handsome Indian warrior. This attraction leads to a hot, forbidden romance that develops into a memorable “against-all-odds” love story.

       "Set against the true history of atrocities committed by the Colorado militia against peaceful Cheyenne, CAPTURE MY HEART brings to light the struggle of the southern Cheyenne to survive amid more and more white settlement; and it shows the courage of Indians and certain brave whites alike in trying to keep the peace during one of the most difficult periods in Colorado history."


     "Rosanne Bitter continues to capture my heart with each new story she writes, and I find myself always wanting more, never wanting the story to end." -- Michelle Reed

     "Once again it is not hard to see why Rosanne Bittner is the 'Queen of the Western Historical Romance.' ... Two Wolves and Claire's story will have you weeping , laughing and constantly cheering them on for the justices they both so deserve. " -- Glenda Kinard

     "Capture My Heart is an extraordinary book of true historical events during an unsettling time in Colorado's history. ... Gripping, exhilarating, and breathtakingly beautiful. Rosanne has penned another extraordinary book." Tonya Lucas

     "I have read alot of Ms Bittner's books and this one is a keeper!! I hope there will be sequel about this family??!!! Two Wolfes and Clair are unforgettable!!" -- Nancy, via

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NOTE: CAPTURE MY HEART is dedicated to a faithful fan of many, many years, Barbara Christian, from California. This story came about from one simple Facebook message she sent me one day. It was just a little Native American quote and it mentioned an Indian name, Two Wolves. This is how I write. One little name or event can kick off a whole story for me. For some reason I loved that name and decided it would make a great name for a hero in an Indian/ white romance. It's been years since I wrote a Native American story, and for some reason seeing that name lit the fire. This book is the result. I was greatly saddened when Barbara passed away in 2017 -- but she did get to read the book that she had suggested. Thanks, Barbara!





(Published by Amazon Books, 3/18)

        A WARRIOR'S PROMISE is a touching story involving the infamous Sand Creek Massacre in southern Colorado. It took me a while to get "into" a hero other than my Jake, but I do love Two Wolves!

"Bittner's sequel to CAPTURE MY HEART - the saga of Two Wolves and his wife, Claire - brings the scenery and time to life as our heroes are caught in the horrors of the American Indian Wars. Bittner's fans will discover another powerfully told story, brimming over with historical events and Native American culture that is as thought provoking and dramatic as it is romantic. The Queen of Western Romance doesn't disappoint with another heartfelt, compassionate and exciting story of a man torn between two lives and the woman who stands by him with a love that defies hatred and injustice." --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

     Claire Matthews is carrying the child of Cheyenne half-breed, Two Wolves, who promised in marriage to live his life in the white world under the name his white mother gave him – Peter James Matthews. Peter is educated and can conduct himself as white; however, Claire understands that deep in his heart, her husband is very Indian.

      In the prequel to this story (CAPTURE MY HEART), it was the “Indian” Two Wolves, a scout for the U. S. Army, who rescued Claire from a fate worse than death and who saved her life more than once in a flight from those who would harm them. Now, as a married couple running a supply business near Fort Collins, Colorado, a restless hatred from Colorado citizens and the Colorado Militia toward the Cheyenne threatens to tear Peter and Claire apart.

     Peter adores and respects Claire’s strength in standing up for the man she loves against those who would condemn her for loving an Indian. He has promised Claire always to be by her side and help her run their business … until the United States Army asks him to accept another scouting mission. Because he thinks it will help the Cheyenne, Peter agrees, but events that follow challenge his promises to Claire.

     When Peter comes across the aftermath of the horrible Sand Creek Massacre committed the by Colorado Militia and their leader, Colonel John Chivington, his Cheyenne blood rises to the surface, and he is once again Two Wolves, a warrior who wants revenge.

      Will Two Wolves’s rage be stronger than his love for Claire and their unborn child? Only true love can hold these two together against a land torn by the changes of a growing West. Power, passion, true history and romance all make this story another winner for “The Queen of Western Romance,” Rosanne Bittner.


     "To love a story you have to crawl into it and live along with the characters. This is what happens anytime I read one of Rosanne's books. What an amazing book." -- Kim, via

     "Once again the Queen of the Western Historical Romance Rosanne Bittner gives her readers a very vivid History lesson. Mrs Bittner has a gift pulling her readers into a book and one feels as if she/he are actually standing there with the characters experiencing the same emotions and feelings they are. . . . I dearly loved this continuation of Claire and Two Wolves' story. I would most certainly love to see a third book as Claire and Two Wolves go on and make a life in the changing West. Well done once again Rosanne Bittner A Warrior’s Promise was all I hoped and more!!!" -- Glenda Kinard

     "A WARRIOR'S PROMISE was an exceptional book detailing the horror and heartache that happened at Sand Creek and the months that followed. . . . . [This] sequel to CAPTURE MY HEARTt continues the story of Claire and Two Wolves, and their courage to live one way of life, while protecting another. A love story which will grab the readers heartstrings. . . which equally rivals her epic Savage Destiny Series." Tonya Lucas

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Reissues of Older Books:


Cover of Arizona Ecstasy showing Native American man and blonde woman embracingARIZONA ECSTASY

(Orginally published by Zebra, 11/89)

       My latest reissue is ARIZONA ECSTASY, and it’s slated for late August from Amazon. I had to re-read this story to make sure Amazon correctly reprinted it from the original book, and boy, what a great love story! I hadn’t read it for roughly 30 years and had forgotten all that happened. And although its prequel, ARIZONA BRIDE, is not being reissued, you learn about that story in this sequel. I just know new readers will love this book.

       "A mixture of white and Apache blood, Chaco was raised in a loving white family and is close to his white half-brother, Troy. Abuse from others forces Chaco to seek life among the Apache. He knows the day will come when he must choose: life on the run, on a reservation, or return to his white family.

       "As Lisa heads for California, her wagon train is attacked by a band of Apache renegades. One of them is Chaco, landing her in his arms and into a love affair. Staying together proves impossible. Torn apart, Lisa is carrying Chaco’s child. Troy marries her to save her reputation and to give Chaco’s son a good home.

       "A heart-breaking love story, Lisa is forced into unbearable choices. Despite her marriage of convenience, she'd rather be with Chaco, and yet doesn't want to destroy the brothers' tight relationship. And then, Chaco is shipped off to prison in Florida. Will she ever be able to accept his disappearance from her life?

       Rosanne Bittner has been called an emotional powerhouse for stories of the heart, stories about loving unions that should never take place. She remains a firm believer that love conquers all, and ARIZONA ECSTASY is a classic example of her unforgettable love stories."

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(Orginally published by Zebra, 4/97)

       Texas Ranger John Hawkins risks his life to save Tess Carey from captivity at the hands of Apache hostiles in harsh 1800’s Texas back country. A man and woman who have both known violence and tragedy, and how it feels to be outcasts, Tess and John are drawn together by a deep understanding few couples share. Both want a chance at happiness in a land as wild and free as their own hearts, and they will risk their lives and their honor to build a life together in an unforgiving land.

       Texas Embrace is a gritty tale that keeps the pages turning in an unforgettable love story told in the spirit of the pioneer—a story that shows the bravery and fortitude of a frontier woman and a rugged Texas Ranger.

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(Orginally published by Zebra, 3/99)

        TEXAS PASSIONS is the sequel to TEXAS EMBRACE.

"TEXAS PASSIONS is the continuing story of John and Tessa Hawkins from TEXAS EMBRACE.Old enemies seek revenge against John and Tessa by stealing away their son, Texas, and his little sister, Honor. John and Tessa’s fierce bravery is as passionate as the unforgettable love they share, as together they dare their antagonists in a brave and sometimes violent search for their beloved children. Showing courage and stamina that readers will admire and remember long after the story ends, TEXAS PASSIONS is filled with danger and adventure, the story of a man and woman willing to sacrifice everything, including their own lives, to rescue Texas and Honor.

"Rosanne Bittner has a way of pulling readers into page-turner, well-researched stories that are filled with the excitement and romance of America’s Old West. Her books are a depiction of history, tragedy and triumph. TEXAS PASSIONS takes readers on a journey they will never forget".

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2019 reissue of CHASE THE SUNNow Available: CHASE THE SUN

(Orginally published by Bantam, 9/95)


       "Zack Myers holds a fierce need for revenge against Native Americans after the Sioux killed his entire family in the Minnesota raids when he was just a boy. He joins the army purposely to fight Indians - ANY Indians.

       "Iris Gray is a colonel's daughter, who joins her father in America's Northwest Territory and tries to bring peace between settlers and the Nez Perce Nation.

       "Circumstances bring Iris and Zack together in a memorable love story as Iris struggles to help Zack find peace in his own heart. An unlikely friendship forms between these two and a Nez Perce warrior, Strong Runner, and his wife, Morning Star, teaching all four characters about cultural tolerance.

       "CHASE THE SUN is the true story of the last flight of the Nez Perce to Canada in 1876, and a stunning depiction of the reasons for war and misunderstandings in a land deeply torn by its own unstoppable growth. A memorable tale of real history, abiding love, and a Nation's unique struggle through tragedy and triumph."

"The author's understanding of Indian culture and her sympathy with their struggle for survival and fair treatment is evident throughout." -- Publisher's Weekly (of the original printing)

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(Orginally published by Bantam, 9/90)

       In a land divided, she was torn between duty and desire...

       "In the aftermath of America’s bloody Civil War, young Anna Kelley waits for her husband, Darryl, to come home. When he finally returns, he is a changed man who no longer loves her and has become cruel and unforgiving because of his war experiences. Anna decides that, for her own safety, she needs to get away from Darryl. She flees, and she ends up in the wild cow town of Abilene, Kansas, run by Sheriff Nate Foster.

       "Fate draws Nate and Anna closer, but Anna, who desperately longs for the safety and love she finds in Nate’s arms, has not told him she has a husband who is now a dangerous outlaw. Nate and Anna’s love grows beyond their ability to corral the passion and desire stirred in their souls, but Anna’s secret finally comes back to haunt her and nearly destroys the love she has found in Nate’s arms. Nate’s own anger and loss because of the war interfere with his ability to fully love and trust again, and when he finds out about Anna’s lie, he isn’t sure he can fully commit to her.

       "EMBERS OF THE HEART embraces the heartaches and challenges of a Nation torn by war, and those caught up both sides of that war."

A “must read,” this book is a “sister story” to MONTANA WOMAN, as Anna (from EMBERS OF THE HEART) and Joline (from MONTANA WOMAN) are sisters who ended up separated by the Civil War.


"This story had me at hello. I have to admit Anna is an extremely strong, independent, and loving woman. Be prepared to have kleenex for the end of the book. The accuracy of the victims of war was well researched. While this story is within the civil war era, please think of our vets who come have home with their problems. Rosanne Bittner did an excellent job in telling this in this book. Definately a must read." -- Dawn Baffa, via

"EMBERS OF THE HEART is a beautifully epic and emotional read from the first page to the last! Be prepared for a roller-coaster ride of feelings when you dive into this story. Besides delivering an enduring love story, it also teaches the power of love, acceptance, and forgiveness; how evil and hate can burn and destroy a person; and how the consequences and waves of war can continue to ripple and destroy long after the last bullet is fired. . . . Anna is a young woman who's struggling with facing how the rumblings of war affect her family, and ultimately the loss of her first husband. . . . Nate is exactly the honorable, devoted, strong hero Anna needs in her life. . . . Even the secondary characters pull at you in ways - not always good, and not always bad... but they're not exempt from giving you moments to pause, think, and feel. . . .This is probably one of my favorite Rosanne Bittner stories -- where it holds you captive from beginning to end, and gifts you with so much more than a romantic tale, but nuggets of empathy and true love. This is not a book to skip over!" -- Michelle Reed

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(Orginally published by Bantam, 1/90)


       "A Civil War widow, young Joline Masters leaves “bleeding” Kansas for Montana to settle under the Homestead Act. Mountain man Clint Reeves knows Montana well, having lost a wife and child there to an Indian attack. He has come home to Kansas, but his father-in-law and others blame him for his wife’s and his child’s deaths. Chance brings Clint and Joline together, and, feeling unwanted in Kansas, Clint agrees to take Joline to Montana.

       "Clint and Joline are both brave, strong-willed people who balance off each other’s strengths and courage, both of which are uniquely tested by the challenges of a lawless land filled with outlaws and Indians. As they help each other forge a new future, passion and desire become part of their determination to succeed in a new land. Through hardship and danger, two broken hearts become one full heart. Together Jo and Clint tame the savage land and learn to live with past tragedies to form new joys and a life shared as one."

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(Orginally published by Bantam, 3/92)

       "Born to be a Holy Woman among the Cheyenne, Medicine Wolf’s life as a young child is saved by a pack of wolves that keeps her from freezing to death. From then on, wolves are her guiding spirit and her protector. As she grows into womanhood, Medicine Wolf is forced to live among whites for one year, in an effort to learn the way of the white man. But her heart and soul and her very life belong to the Cheyenne … and to the young warrior with whom she fell in love as a child.

       "Bear Paw, an honored Cheyenne dog soldier, risks life and limb to win the hand of Cheyenne Holy Woman, Medicine Wolf. Once their union is secured, Bear Paw and Medicine Wolf venture into a love story set against the magnificent days of freedom for the Cheyenne, but Medicine Wolf’s powers as a Holy Woman present a challenge to Bear Paw’s pride and reputation that threatens to tear them apart. White settlement encroaches upon the Cheyenne, forcing them into wars to keep what they feel belongs to them, and through it all, one white man, Tom Prescott, who fell in love with Medicine Wolf when she lived among the whites, must watch Medicine Wolf from a distance, aware she can never belong to him.

       "SONG OF THE WOLF is packed with the real history of the Cheyenne. The ending of this book is heart-wrenching, yet gloriously uplifting, as the spirit of the wolf and the powers of two timeless, unforgettable people step into history. Well researched, this is Rosanne Bittner at her best as she eloquently tells the true story of a proud Native American Nation."


"I had never been so moved by a book in my whole life. SONG OF THE WOLF elicited such a wide range of emotions for me from joy to sadness to excitement to anger to fear to horror to triumph and everything in between. It was intriguing, a profound story of love and freedom, but also cruelty and brutality. It was honest and inspiring. . . . Thank you for the epic tale of Medicine Wolf and Bear Paw!" -- Toni Sangillo via email

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