Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Re-Issues from Diversion Books

Updated 13 March 2019
Outlaw Hearts Series

All three BRIDE books are now available in one e-reader edition!Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014Texas Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014Oregon Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014Cherished Moments Full Circle, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014 Until Tomorrow, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014 In the Shadow of the Mountains, reissued in Jan. 2016The Forever Tree, reissued in Jan. 2016Tame The Wild Wind, reissued in Jan. 2016Rapture's Gold, , reissued in Feb. 2016Tender Betrayal, reissued in Feb. 2016Heart's Surrender, reissued in Feb. 2016Lawless LoveComanche SunsetCaressSweet Mountain MagicUnforgettableShamelessLove's Bounty

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     I am so excited at the response I've gotten to Diversion Books re-issuing five of my earlier books last year -- these books were so popular in all e-book formats and audiobook editions that Diversion made them available in trade paperback through print-on-demand! Early in 2015, they also re-issued an anthology in which my story "Indian Summer" appeared, as well as making the story available for download individually. So far, these are only available in e-book formats.

       In September 2015, I sold thirteen more of my older titles to Diversion Books, to be reissued with new covers and available also as e-books, audio books, and print-on-demand. Please click on any cover above for more information about that book, and scroll down for the list below of 2016 re-issues! I thought you might be interested in seeing the original publisher and publication date, as well as the theme involved in each title. It just struck me that many of these books, which are still in demand today, are older than some of my readers! (By the way, you can read my thoughts on the reissue of so many of my books in e-reader format in my new article, What Goes Around, Comes Around -- The Beauty of a Backlist.)

Reissued in 2016:

  1. IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS, Bantam Books, 7/91; Diversion Books, love story about the founding of Denver. Ordering Options

  2. THE FOREVER TREE, Bantam Books, 3/95; High-born Spanish woman and a logger from New England. Ordering Options

  3. TAME THE WILD WIND, Bantam Books, 10/96; Female owner of a stage station/ Native American. Ordering Options

  4. RAPTURE'S GOLD, Zebra Books, 9/86; Female gold miner/ guide. Ordering Options

  5. TENDER BETRAYAL, Bantam Books, 10/93; Civil War North/ South love story. Ordering Options

  6. HEART'S SURRENDER, Zebra Books, 2/88; Cherokee hero. Ordering Options

  7. LAWLESS LOVE, Zebra Books, 11/85; Outlaw/ Nun. Ordering Options

  8. COMANCHE SUNSET, Zebra Books, 11/91; Comanche hero. Ordering Options

  9. CARESS, Zebra Books, 7/92; Kansas/Missouri border wars. Ordering Options

  10. SWEET MOUNTAIN MAGIC, Zebra Books, 3/90; Mountain Man/ pioneer woman. Ordering Options

  11. UNFORGETTABLE, Zebra Books, 1/94; Orphaned female/ soldier. Ordering Options

  12. SHAMELESS, Zebra Books, 2/93; Female Mexican horse thief/ American soldier. Ordering Options

  13. LOVE'S BOUNTY, Zebra Books, 3/2000; Bounty Hunter/ female who hires him. Ordering Options

In The Shadow of the Mountains, Diversion Books, 2016IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS

(originally published by Bantam Books, 7/91)

       Bold, headstrong, and passionate, the indomitable Kirklands struggled to survive in a treacherous, hostile land. From penniless settlers to wealthy mine owners to Denver's regal first family, together—and separately—they pursued their dazzling dreams of love and glory. From the era of the covered wagon to the rise of the western railroad, from the gold rush years through the golden age of the American West, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS is the breathtaking saga of a remarkable family who endured tragedy and hardship to build a glorious mountain empire.

" I just finished IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS and words can't say how much I love this story! I couldn't put this book down and now my eyes are like hot, burning coals--hahaha. I was crying my eyes out towards the end. This book had a profound affect on me and I will never forget this wonderful story. I have been reading heavily for many, many years and I must say it is now my favorite book of all time. I am truly amazed at your "God-given" talent. Your romantic love scenes are amazing and the storyline of these strong characters makes me want to just keep on reading. -- Jeri, 12 March 2019

"In The Shadow Of The Mountains, is eloquently written, very compelling. Bea and David Kirkland's rise from poverty to wealth and becoming a huge part of developing the Queen City of the West, Denver, CO., all from secretly loving and raising a little Cheyenne Indian girl, Morning Dove, also known as Irene, who never knew her true identity or that she was also a twin. This book will Leave you enthralled. This is a book of secrets, deception, revenge, and family. It's a must read that will forever hold your heart." -- Tonya, 26 April 2016

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The Forever Tree, Diversion Books reissue, 2016THE FOREVER TREE

(originally published by Bantam Books, 3/95)

They came from two different worlds, but nothing and no one can keep them apart.

       Will Lassater comes to California to build a logging empire, never expecting to fall in love with the golden land. Then he beholds Santana, the exotic Spanish beauty, and in her dark, luminous eyes he sees all that is beautiful and irresistible about the rich and fertile country -- all that he wishes to possess yet does not fully understand.

       With every beat of her innocent heart Santana knows that this tall, handsome, blue-eyed American is the only man she could ever love. But between Santana and Will stands a lifetime of tradition -- and a powerful and ruthless Spanish don who vows to kill any man who dares to covet his intended bride. Now, as Will's dream of Lassater Mills becomes a reality, he will risk everything to make Santana his own. And though love cannot protect them from vengeful enemies or the fires of change raging across this land, it may give them the strength to face an uncertain future, and in the midst of tragedy the courage to begin anew.

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Tame the Wild Wind, Diversion Books Reissue, 2016TAME THE WILD WIND

(originally published by Bantam Books, 10/96)

       When Gabe Beaumont was forced to choose between the Sioux tribe of his mother and the white family of his father, his choice ended up costing him everything. Settlers murdered his Indian wife and child, and now revenge is all he lives for.

       Riding westward with a renegade Sioux band, he becomes Tall Bear, a warrior with a wounded soul—until a raid on a Wyoming stagecoach station brought him face-to-face with a feisty, red-haired beauty who could change his life...

       Now two independent spirits will move heaven and earth to be with each other—and to fight for love against the shadows and the danger that lurks in his wild heart of the frontier.

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Rapture's Gold, Diversion Books reissue, Feb. 2016RAPTURE'S GOLD

(originally published by Zebra Books, 9/86)

One look is enough to smoulder, a journey together could consume them both in the flames of passion.

       At seventeen, strong-willed Harmony Jones has made it to Cripple Creek all by herself. Now all she needs to reach her inherited claim is a guide – and the only one she can find is the devastatingly handsome Buck Hanner. She has three weeks alone on the trail with this man, her fate in his hands. The challenge and dangers of searching for gold in the rugged Rocky Mountains forces Buck and Harmony to recognize the strength and bravery each possesses, and the love that grows in their hearts leads them to a much greater treasure as they discover RAPTURE’S GOLD.

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Tender Betrayal, Diversion Books reissue, Feb. 2016TENDER BETRAYAL

(originally published by Bantam Books, 10/93)

       Stolen kisses and secret rendezvous lead to a passion that war cannot sever. Beautiful, proud Audra Brennan felt like a stranger in a foreign land when she came north from Louisiana to study music. But when she savored her first forbidden taste of desire in the arms of handsome lawyer Lee Jeffreys, his caresses sparked a flame within her that burned away the differences between rebel and Yankee, all objections silenced by the fierce beating of two wild hearts falling impetuously, impossibly in love.

       Suddenly cannon fire shatters the country. Princiipled, impassioned, and committed to a nation united, Lee answeres the call to fight against the Confederacy, while Audra hurries home to a plantation shadowed by the darkening cloud of war … a war that could destroy all that Audra and Lee have found together.

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Heart's Surrender, Diversion Books reissue, Feb. 2016HEART'S SURRENDER

(originally published by Zebra Books, 2/88)

       Forbidden love knows no bounds in this heart-rending story about the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears.

        When Andrea Sanders moves to the hills of Georgia, she’s terrified to discover she lives next door to the Cherokee. But when she first sees the muscular, handsome warrior Adam, she is even more afraid of the turbulent passions he arouses in her.

       The proud and fierce Adam once swore he would never fall in love with a woman who carries the blood of his enemy, but when he meets the sky-blue gaze of Andrea Sanders, she soon wins his heart. But their utter devotion to each other is tested beyond endurance when the betrayal of a Nation tears apart the Cherokee and forces them into a march to a new land, forever known as the Trail of Tears. Adam learns how brave and strong a white woman can be when Andrea risks all for Adam’s love as hearts and lives are torn apart.

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Lawless Love, March 2016LAWLESS LOVE

(originally published by Zebra Books, 11/85)

       A man ruled by his gun meets a woman led by her heart in bestselling author Rosanne Bittner’s dazzling romance.

       When Moss Tucker smelled danger he shot it. When he needed shelter he grabbed it. And when he wanted a woman's touch he bought it. But then he saw Amanda Boone's sparkling azure eyes—an innocent beauty like her would never get involved with a lawbreaking man like him.

       Chestnut-haired Amanda tried to keep her gaze on the vast frontier that flashed past her train window—but it kept straying to the buckskin-clad stranger. Every inch of him was virile and strong. She knew it was wrong to even think of his muscular arms crushing her soft curves in a fierce embrace. Yet she vowed that before the trip was through he would be the one to tame her savage desire with his wild and lawless love.

        "Mandy and Moss buried themselves deep in my heart and I adored watchin' the old outlaw find and fall in love with and protect his innocent girl. Swoon!! " -- Michelle R

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Comanche Sunset, March 2016COMANCHE SUNSET

(originally published by Zebra Books, 11/91)

       He saved her life. She rescued his heart.

       Mail order bride Jennifer Andrews headed to Texas ready for adventure. But when her stagecoach was attacked, the auburn-haired beauty wished she'd never left St. Louis. All at once the renegades were gone—and she was cradled in the strong arms of fellow passenger Wade Morrow. The handsome man had saved her life, and though they were all alone on the vast Texas plains, she felt safer than she ever had before.

       Though Comanche blood ran in Wade Morrow's veins, he'd been adopted by a white family as an infant, and knew nothing of his Indian heritage. Still, something in him yearned for the wild, untamed land where he was born. So he headed to west Texas to join his past with his future—and ended up with Jennifer Andrews in his arms. Burned by past betrayals, Wade wanted to harden his heart against the sweet desire she awakened. But how can he deny the passion they share?

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Caress, March 2016CARESS

(originally published by Zebra Books, 7/92)

       Romance author extraordinaire Rosanne Bittner’s bestselling novels leave readers spellbound. In this gorgeous tale, she weaves a mesmerizing tale of revenge and passion.

       Blake Hastings travels to Kansas with revenge on his mind. He plans to bring the pro-slavery killer who murdered his father to brutal justice. But his mission is sidetracked when he meets a beautiful woman whose fiery nature matches his own. Samantha Walters is not one to be trifled with, and the simmering passion she feels for Blake, and that he feels for her, makes him question his bloody mission, and whether salvation and peace can exist instead in her arms.

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Sweet Mountain Magic, April 2016SWEET MOUNTAIN MAGIC

(originally published by Zebra Books, 3/90)

       Bestselling author Rosanne Bittner delves deep into the memories of a lonely man, a passionate heart, and a mountain with a deep past.

       When Sage McKenzie comes across a wild-eyed beauty in obvious distress, his first instinct is to turn and flee like the Native tribes who fear this "crazy woman." As a man of the mountain, affairs of the heart are low on his priority. But her violet stare has him ensnared, and Sage knows he has to help her in any way he can. Taking this silent beauty as his new travel companion, Sage begins a journey to find out where she's from and who took her away from her home and family.

       With her memory seemingly vanished, the girl known only as "White Deer" has a past she knows must be terrible -- why else would she have erased it from her mind? But now, in the protective arms of Sage, she finds herself living for his gentle touch and ready to confront the secrets of her past.

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(originally published by Zebra Books, 1/94)

       Romance stalwart Rosanne Bittner pens a gorgeous, tragic, heartfelt novel of the promises we make, and the love that can come from breaking them.

       Orphaned at a young age, street-savvy Ally Mills and her brother Toby agree on one thing: sticking together no matter what. When their daring escape from an evil man leads to the dusty plains of Oklahoma, they find their chance to make their fortune. Disguised as husband and wife, they set out on a journey to claim their own land in a new town.

       Eagle-eyed army scout Ethan Temple sees through the fiery red head's disguise. Suspicious of the duo and drawn to Ally's tenacious spirit, the striking half-Cheyenne marksman can't help but keep watch over her.

       Ally made an unbreakable pact, but the longer Ethan stays at her side, the more terrifying her realization grows: She's in love. Can Ally tell Ethan how she feels before he rides out of her life for good?


"UNFORGETTABLE was captivating, spontaneous, & nail-biting. This is the second time I have read this book and I believe I loved it even better this time through. Ally and Ethan kept me on pins and needles, at times I was trying to scream some sense into both of their stubborn minds. I love how Rosanne Bittner's heroines are strong willed ladies who can stand up for themselves against adversary after adversary. Her heroes are strong minded men who know how to treat a lady, even though she drives him crazy. This is a fantastic book. This book is very special to me because I have visited all the places that this book is set in, and I know the area very well, so this is a close one to my heart. Never a disappointing moment with a Bittner book." -- Tonya, 1 November 2016

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(originally published by Zebra Books, 2/93)

       The heart knows no law in this sweeping romance from bestselling author Rosanne Bittner

       After the brutal murder of their parents at the hands of American soldiers, Nina Juarez and her brother Emilio have learned to survive by any means necessary. Skilled with horses and not much else, the two make their name as outlaw wranglers.

       But Nina, weighed down with the guilt of their crimes and yearning to settle down, wants out of the business. After their next target, Nina's headed for California or bust.

       When plans go awry, Nina finds herself at the mercy of an army officer on his last mission. She owed these gringos nothing, but now she owes the handsome Lieutenant Clay Youngblood her life.

       Clay, enchanted by his encounter with this Mexican beauty, does the unthinkable for a lawman -- he lets her go free. Now Nina is caught between the law, her brother, and the only man capable of taming her heart.

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(originally published by Zebra Books, 3/2000)

       Bestselling author Rosanne Bittner is beloved for her sizzling novels about the early settlers of the West. With LOVE'S BOUNTY, she continues to delight readers with the passionate tale of a proud woman and the reckless bounty hunter who steals her heart.

       Life hasn't been easy on young Callie Hobbs. After her father's sudden death and her mother's murder, there isn't much left for her on the outskirts of Rawlins. Alone with a ranch to run, Callie could sell it all, cut her losses, and find a suitor in town.

       But Callie knows only one thing will bring her peace: Seeing her mother's killers hung. To find them, she turns to the most ruthless bounty hunter on this side of the country: Christian Mercy.

       Distant and brooding, Christian Mercy is far from the ideal travel companion. But, as their journey unfolds, Callie finds herself falling for those blue eyes that flicker with something deeper than she could have ever anticipated.

       He wants redemption. She wants revenge. And as they close in on their targets, Callie and Chris bite back a fear worse than death. Could their love for one another douse the burning rage that keeps them going?

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Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014Cherished Moments        My novella INDIAN SUMMER, which is a prequel to FULL CIRCLE, is being reissued both as a stand-alone ebook novella and as part of the reissue of 1994's CHERISHED MOMENTS anthology! (The other two stories in the anthology are FLOWERS FROM THE SEA by Arnette Lamb and MEMORIES by Anita Mills, and this anthology was first published by Avon Books in 1994.) I have a beautiful new cover for INDIAN SUMMER, which is the story of Maggie Gibbons, mother of FULL CIRCLE heroine Evelyn Gibbons!

"Rosanne Bittner tells us the tale of a preacher's wife and daughter who become involved with a Cheyenne warrior in 1875 as the bitter wars between the Indians and the whites rages on. While the soldiers at the nearby fort are determined to put the 'troublesome' warriors in a Florida prison, Maggie Gibbons is just as determined to help her husband breech the gap between the two races by trying to understand their ways and beliefs. But Maggie's secret meetings with Wild Horse soon turn dangerous, both for the risk of capture, and the risk of loosing their hearts." -- Literary Times, Inc.. 1994

       By opening her eyes, one woman discovers that her heart soon follows.

       Maggie Gibbons leads a happy, if sheltered life on the frontier with her husband, a preacher, and their daughter. But her husband's increasingly cold and unfeeling ways trouble her, as does his disdain for the Cheyenne Indians his mission is to convert. His unwavering beliefs have left her questioning how she feels, and even their relationship. One chance encounter with Wild Horse, a gentle soul whom the frontier soldiers have painted as savage, cements what she knows to be true: her husband, her neighbors, her community were all wrong. But will her secret encounters with Wild Horse set her free—or lead her into a world of sin?

To order in all e-reader formats, please see my E-book List page

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(originally published by Warner Books in 1988)

All three BRIDE books are now available in one e-reader edition!Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014Texas Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014Oregon Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014

Tennessee Bride, Reissued by Diversion Books in May 2014TENNESSEE BRIDE(originally published by Warner Books in 1988)

"Extraordinary--Bittner's characters spring to life." -- Publishers Weekly

Featured as a download to passengers on Southwest Airlines' wifi, Dec. 2015, and EverAfter Romance, the all-romance ebookstore app, chose Tennessee Bride to offer FREE to all new users the first week of January 2016.

       Raised in the hills of Tennessee, Emma Simms dreams of the day she'll escape her life of poverty to start over in the excitement of Knoxville But when her mother dies and she's left with no one but her stepfather, Luke Simms, her dream abruptly becomes a nightmare. Luke plans to send Emma to Knoxville alright -- straight to a notorious brothel.

       River Joe, the mysterious Cherokee-raised frontiersman, knew from the first time he set eyes on the beautiful Emma that he had to have her as his own. And one glimpse at the handsome, buckskin-clad stranger ignites the flame of dangerous desire in Emma's heart.

       Their passion could consume them both, but their love could very well save her life.

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Texas Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014TEXAS BRIDE(originally published by Warner Books in 1988)

A man who must choose between his love or his life in this dazzling tale, named a Romantic Times Book Reviews All-Time Favorite.

       Rachel Rivers is the most beautiful woman that Brand Selby has ever met. From the moment he laid eyes on the proper schoolteacher and watched her tremble beneath his longing gaze, he knew he wanted nothing more than to win her heart.

       But Rachel lives in a land where hatred for the Indian runs deep, and where she is courted by Texas Ranger Jason Brown, Brand's sworn enemy. But the fate of Rachel and Brand's love has already been sealed, and not even the prospect of Rachel being cast out from her own kind, nor the threat of Brand's own demise, can extinguish the flames of desire in their hearts.

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Oregon Bride, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014OREGON BRIDE (originally published by Warner Books in 1988)

"On a trail of danger, love follows no set path."

       Traveling west aboard a wagon train with her late husband's family, young widow Marybeth MacKender wishes only to leave behind the memories of her loveless marriage, and to protect her infant son. But the dangers of the train are endless, as are the advances of her brutish brother-in-law who is resolute in claiming Marybeth as his own.

       It isn't until Marybeth meets Joshua Rivers, a frontiersman both tough and tender, that her hope for the future ignites as brightly as the desire in her heart. With courage aroused by passion, Marybeth is determined to face the perils of this rugged terrain for Joshua and the love she feels as great as the odds stacked against them.

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All three BRIDE books are now available in one e-reader edition!THE BRIDE SERIES Omnibook (2014)

       NOW AVAILABLE: the "Bundled" package of the three Bride books! THE BRIDE SERIES omnibus edition contains TENNESSEE BRIDE, TEXAS BRIDE and OREGON BRIDE -- in one download! It's available in all e-book formats, and you can find the ordering links on my E-Book List page. Please note: NOT available in print versions -- ebook format only!)

"Time after time, Rosanne Bittner brings a full-blown portrait of the untamed West to readers. Her tapestry is woven with authenticity, colorful characters, intense emotions and love's power over every conceivable obstacle."—RT BOOK REVIEWS

        In TENNESSEE BRIDE, a dangerous passion puts two people in harm’s way, but may their only hope at salvation. In TEXAS BRIDE, the relentless heat is nothing compared to the love of a schoolteacher and a mysterious man. In OREGON BRIDE, the unexplored frontier is where one woman tries to put her past behind her, and discovers that she still may be able to fall in love.

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Full Circle, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014FULL CIRCLE

(originally published by Zebra Books in 1994)

"Rosanne Bittner returns with her hallmark power, passion, tragedy, and triumph." -- Romantic Times

       The last thing sheltered missionary Evelyn Gibbons wants upon arriving at the South Dakota reservation is to fall in love. Yet, from the moment she clashes with Black Hawk, the complicated man of the Sioux, she knows he's everything she could ever want, and everything she can never have.

        Living in the hills with his young son, Black Hawk reveres the ways of his people and is determined to preserve Sioux traditions. But when he meets Evelyn, a woman from the society he most abhors, not even his own prejudices can smother the flame of desire that burns for her.

       But in the midst of their unlikely romance is a storm tide of treachery and hate that threatens to destroy their love, and their lives.

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Until Tomorrow, reissued by Diversion Books, May 2014UNTIL TOMORROW

(originally published by Zebra Books in 1995)

"Powerfully charged with thrilling escapades, colorful history, realism, romance, and a pair of memorable characters who prove that love can indeed triumph over everything." -- RT Book Reviews

       Addy wants nothing more than to leave her small Illinois home for the gold-rich hill of Colorado, where a teaching job awaits. But her plans are thwarted when a band of outlaws rob the very bank in which she is withdrawing her savings, taking her hostage in the process. Rogue and ruthless, her captives sweep her off to the country with evil intent, but one man stands in the way.

       Ex-Confederate soldier Parker Cole doesn't understand his own fierce determination to protect the beautiful captive from his fellow bandits. Touched by her courage and spirit, he vows to prove his love to her, following Addy to a mining boomtown filled with dreamers and desperados. Fearless though he may be, Parker must summon all of his courage to beat out the line of rich and powerful suitors in the pursuit of the greatest treasure -- Addy's heart.

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