Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

The Blue Hawk Trilogy

Blue Hawk Trilogy


2013 Amazon e-book editions:

SAVAGE HORIZONS e-reader version cover   FRONTIER FIRES cover for e-reader version   DESTINY'S DAWN cover for e-reader versions

2000 iUniverse trade paperback editions:

iUniverse cover, Savage Horizons   Frontier Fires, Book 2 of the Blue Hawk Saga    Destiny's Dawn, third and last book in the Blue Hawk Series.

Original 1987 Warner Books mass market paperback editions:

Original cover, Savage Horizons   Frontier Fires, Book 2 of the Blue Hawk Saga   Original cover, DESTINY'S DAWN

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       The BLUE HAWK TRILOGY books were first published in mass market paperback in 1987 by Warner Books. In 2000, when print- on- demand became possible, the books were reissued through iUniverse in trade paperback format. These are no longer available, but in 2013, the trilogy was converted to e-format by Amazon and are still available in all e-reader formats! Please see my Books in E-Reader Formats page for ordering information for Kindle, Nook, iBook/iTunes, and Kobo. Unfortunately, there is no new print edition of the books.

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" How can you NOT like the story of Caleb and Sarah? The years and years of real sacrifices, real terror, and real tragedies, that most of us could never imagine being able to endure, continue to bring them closer together and enhances an already strong and solid love. Their love for each other is something so special that you are amazed at both of them for never letting anything come between them and that love." -- Mary Gayle, reviews of the new 2014 e-book edition.

"SAVAGE HORIZONShas all the emotional impact, authentic detail, full-blooded characters, pathos, and passion that have made Ms. Bittner's novels best-sellers." -- Rave Reviews

"Rosanne Bittner's books are so moving...They make you believe in love and happiness, that everything is going to work out." -- Waldenbooks' Lovenotes

Original cover, Savage HorizonsSAVAGE HORIZONS e-reader version coverSAVAGE HORIZONS, Book One of the BLUE HAWK SAGA (ISBN 1-58348-548-1):

       An orphaned half-blood man named Blue Hawk is adopted by a white family and renamed Caleb Sax. Caleb struggles to let go of the only habits and culture he's ever known - that of the Cheyenne - and gradually learns to live among the whites, but not without great difficulty and prejudice against him in the white world. Through it all he never stops wearing a blue quill necklace that belonged to his Indian mother, a part of his past that will always remind him of his true blood.

       Besides Tom and Cora Sax, the white man and woman who love Caleb like their own son, someone else shows Caleb true, loyal love. It is Tom and Cora's daughter, Sarah. Sarah and Caleb fall in love, instigating years of struggling to stay together against tremendous odds. Sarah discovers Tom Sax is not her real father, and she is stolen away in marriage to a white man she does not love. Devastated, she is led to believe Caleb is dead. Caleb spends years searching for her, and when he finds her at last, a dynasty is born from their blood.

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Original cover, Frontier Fires, Book 2 of the Blue Hawk SagaFRONTIER FIRES cover for e-reader versionFRONTIER FIRES, Book Two of the BLUE HAWK SAGA (ISBN 1-58348-549-X):

       Continuing the story of Calab and Sarah Sax, this deeply moving love story takes the readers to Texas, which in 1833 still belongs to Mexico. Living on 49,000 acres in San Filipe de Austin, an American settlement founded by Stephen Austin, Sarah and Caleb witness a phenominal growth in the territory, a population explosion of people looking for free land. All become part of a growing sentiment that Texas should be an independent province and not part of Mexico.

       With Sarah and their children, Caleb, known as Blue Hawk to his Cheyenne relatives, and his family find themselves involved in a Mexican war … and eventually their son is involved in the battle for the Alamo. For a time Caleb and Sarah think he's been killed, and amid all their heartache and turmoil an old enemy comes knocking, someone who once nearly destroyed Caleb and Sarah's love and life together. Choices must be made, danger lurks everywhere, but the deep connection between Caleb and Sarah can never be broken.

       Don't miss this fabulous continued story of America's stunning history, and a family that became crucial to the settling of Texas!

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Original cover, Destiny's Dawn, third and last book in the Blue Hawk Series.DESTINY'S DAWN cover for e-reader versionsDESTINY'S DAWN, Book Three of the BLUE HAWK SAGA (ISBN 1-58348-550-3):

       Book #3 of this Blue Hawk trilogy, brings an epic frontier story to an ending readers won't want to miss. Caleb searches for his beloved Sarah, who has again been taken from him; while at the same time he helps his children seek their own fortunes in the West. His son Tom rides the outlaw trail in search of men who killed his Mexican wife; Caleb's daughter Lynda, a dark beauty, finds herself in love with a lawman in the heart of the West; Cale, Lynda's son, marries a Cheyenne woman and gives his life to the Cheyenne way; and James, Caleb's youngest son, struggles with his identity and tries to hide his Indian heritage.

       DESTINY'S DAWN takes the readers on adventures from Colorado to California, as Caleb searches for Sarah, the love of his life, in a story about a nation divided by blood, and two people united by wild passions. Through it all two things help Caleb stay grounded and determined … his love for his beautiful Sarah … and the blue quill necklace he has worn since a young boy, reminding him of the mother who died giving him birth.

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