Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Savage Destiny Series

Savage Destiny Series

Rosanne Bittner's Savage Destiny Series
30+ Years of Great Reading!

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2015 Kindle/ Amazon Print-On-Demand Editions:

SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionRIDE THE FREE WIND, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionRIVER OF LOVE, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionEMBRACE THE WILD LAND, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionCLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionMEET THE NEW DAWN, 2015 Kindle and POD EditionEAGLE'S SONG, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

2012/2013 Kindle Editions:

SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, 2012 Kindle EditionRIDE THE FREE WIND, 2012 Kindle EditionRIVER OF LOVE, 2012 Kindle EditionEMBRACE THE WILD LAND, 2012 Kindle EditionCLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, 2012 Kindle EditionMEET THE NEW DAWN, 2012 Kindle EditionEAGLE'S SONG, 2013 Kindle Edition

1996 Zebra Editions:

SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, 1996 reprintRIDE THE FREE WIND, 1996 edition RIVER OF LOVE, 1996 editionEMBRACE THE WILD LAND, 1996 editionCLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, 1996 editionMEET THE NEW DAWN, original edition EAGLE'S SONG, 1996 edition

1983 Original Zebra Editions:

, original 1983 edition.RIDE THE FREE WIND, original editionRIVER OF LOVE, original editionEMBRACE THE WILD LAND, original editionCLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, original editionMEET THE NEW DAWN, original edition

"Where do I begin, nothing I can say could do the deserved justice to your books.... All of your books are awesome but the Savage Destiny Seriesis beyond anything I have ever read, I was there with Zeke and Abby, I laughed when they laughed, cried when they cried and hurt when they hurt, those two will be in my heart forever...." Marie (2 July 13)

"Hi Rosanne, So glad to see the Savage Destiny Series come out on Kindle. It was so wonderful to see Abigail grow from a young girl into a beautiful matriarch and grand lady. The end of the story was awesome and very fitting for such a beautiful love story. Abbie and Zeke will never be forgotten. This series is a classic and as far as I am concerned, outranks Gone With The Wind! A must for every reader of historical love stories!" -- Barbara, via Facebook (12 October 12)

"Our son and his wife have been reading your novels for a long time. When my husband had a stroke, they wanted him to start reading again, so [my son and his wife] stocked us with the Savage Destiny series...John read them, and as fast as he finished a book, I read it...Thanks to you, my husband is reading again!" -- Mrs. Leezer

       Voted BEST WESTERN SERIES by Romantic Times Magazine in 1986, the Savage Destiny books chronicle the lives, love, and adventures of Abbie and Zeke Monroe. SWEET PRARIE PASSION, the first book in the series, originally published in 1983, was also my first book ever to be published! The seventh, and last, book of the series originally came out in 1996, when Zebra also reprinted the original six books with new covers. Now, all seven books have been reissued yet again, formatted for all e-readers, and are also available in print through Amazon print-on-demand. And, I am considering an 8th Savage Destiny book, a contemporary story that involves one of Zeke and Abbie’s descendants!

       Ladies and gentlemen, if you aren’t familiar with true action-packed western historical romance with a hero to die for, read SAVAGE DESTINY! After a total of over 70 published novels, I still find them the best books I ever wrote, packed with real history about Colorado and the Cheyenne Indians, filled with endless action, and probably the best love story I ever penned.

       SAVAGE DESTINY is a seven-book series covering about 50 years of history, as seen through the eyes of Zeke and Abbie Monroe. They meet on a wagon train west when Abbie is only 15 and the wagon train scout, Zeke, (best known as Cheyenne Zeke) is 25. Abbie hands Zeke a cup of coffee, their fingers touch, and pow! An epic love story is born, a story that epitomizes the ruggedness of the untamed land, the immense challenges to the pioneers, the lawless atmosphere, the wild and rapid way in which America was settled, and the traumatic affect opening the West had on the Native Americans, especially (in my story) the Cheyenne. I am not embarrassed to say that I am in love all over again with Zeke Monroe. I’d nearly forgotten what a provocative, masculine, handsome, rugged hero he is – and Abbie is the perfect strong, devoted, patient woman at his side, a woman who understands Zeke like few others do.

       I am proud of this first series I ever wrote, and it warms my heart to see that it is still popular after over 35 years in print!

"Your Savage Destiny series is wonderful! I have Cheyenne blood and just recently started learning about Native American heritage and cultures. I find that your stories teach me more about 'Indian' ways." -- Lori

"I have never in my something so addicting as Abigail and Zeke Monroe. I am part Cherokee-Comanche myself, and I can just imagine, thru your words, how my ancestors lived and died...I have read many of your books, and they have hit me in the heart, but I have to admit that the Savage Destiny Series has left me breathless." -- Treasa

Please see below for more information about each individual book.

SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  • Book 1: SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION . The ninth book that I wrote, SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION was the first to be published. It tells the powerful love story of 15-year-old Abigail Trent, who is traveling west with her family; and a very rugged plainsman, Zeke Monroe, the half-Cheyenne guide who wins Abbie's heart as they journey through an untamed land beset with Indians, outlaws and nature's harsh challenges. Although Zeke and Abbie come from very different worlds, violence and personal loss bring them together in unexpected ways, including a very poignant situation that involves Abbie's little brother. By journey's end, Abbie has changed from an innocent young girl to a strong woman whose courage and determination to survive make her the perfect woman for the sometimes violent Zeke, whose past and upbringing make him a challenge only Abbie's love and personal faith can overcome. SWEET PRAIRIE PASSIONis the beginning of many more stories about this unforgettable couple and their life together as they face the perils of settling America's Old West and learn that love can conquer anything.

RIDE THE FREE WIND, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  • Book 2: RIDE THE FREE WIND continues the love story of Zeke and Abbie Monroe. For the first five years of her marriage Abbie lives among the Cheyenne, learning their customs and beliefs and giving birth to a son who is as wild and free as his Native American family, and a daughter who will one day be forced to choose between her Indian and white blood. Through real historical events involving the government and Native Americans, Zeke and Abbie cling to one another through danger and torn loyalties. This story vividly depicts the "right" and "wrong" of both sides in the bloody conflicts that arose as the West was settled. Through it all Zeke strives to reach the point where he can provide his Abbie with a real "white woman's" home, where she can set a prized family heirloom, a mantle clock, over a fireplace in a house with real wood floors and a cooking hearth. Though his heart is as wild as his Cheyenne blood, Zeke will give up that life for his beloved Abbie.

RIVER OF LOVE, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition
  • Book 3: RIVER OF LOVE finds Zeke and Abbie Monroe settled into a cabin along the Arkansas River in southern Colorado, where they build a horse ranch amid challenges to their love and their contrasting worlds. As Abbie bears more children carrying their mixed blood, finding a peaceful family life is something that does not come easily. Zeke's Cheyenne relatives face broken treaties, and the building of the Union Pacific cuts a swath of violence and change through the lives of white and Cheyenne alike, forcing the Monroe children to face deeply torn loyalties. New and powerful enemies enter this spellbinding story, and Zeke's love for his Abbie is tested in a totally unexpected way that would devastate the love of most couples with even the strongest relationship. No two people demonstrate the power of love more vividly and with more poignancy than Zeke and Abbie Monroe in RIVER OF LOVE.

EMBRACE THE WILD LAND, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  • Book 4: EMBRACE THE WILD LAND. The American Civil War plunges Zeke and Abbie Monroe into violence and separation, danger and torn loyalties. Their first-born son, Wolf's Blood, takes part in the Sun Dance, a tortuous ritual that initiates him into life with the Cheyenne. Then war forces Zeke to leave his family to join his white brother, Danny, in the conflict. Abbie is left to face a horrible fate at the hands of Zeke's worst enemy while he is gone. For the first time in their beloved marriage her strong, brave, warrior husband is not there to protect her. When Zeke returns to learn her fate, the worst violence in his savage soul rages forth to seek sweet revenge. Zeke and Abbie's love transcends loss and tragedy thrown at them by savage people in a savage land that can be tamed by only the bravest souls in EMBRACE THE WILD LAND.


  • Book 5: CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN. Zeke and Abbie are forced to defend their children against challenges faced because of their mixed blood. More settlers come west under the Homestead Act, causing the gradual and final demise of the Cheyenne way of life. The surge of new settlers brings with it a wealthy Englishman, Edward Tynes, who builds a cattle ranch near the Monroe homestead and falls in love with Abbie, admiring her strength and bravery, and jealous of her undying love for a man who cannot give her the pampered life Tynes feels she deserves. Zeke leaves to join his warrior son, Wolf's Blood, in new Indian wars, and for the first time Abbie's loyalty to her husband is tested. But no man can replace the fiercely brave, strong, handsome Zeke Monroe in Abbie's life.

MEET THE NEW DAWN, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  • Book 6: MEET THE NEW DAWN . A relentless wave of frontier progress forces itself into the lives of Zeke and Abbie Monroe, threatening their many years of abiding love and forcing a separation unlike any other they have experienced. Zeke joins the Cheyenne in their last effort to hold on to the freedom they knew until the white man invaded their pristine domain and destroyed their game, their hunting grounds, their beautiful innocence. MEET THE NEW DAWN is a keenly powerful and poignant story about the last years of Zeke and Abbie Monroe's life together, and how their love and their passion for each other lingers on into their twilight years as proof that age and the challenges of life cannot dim the love these two share, a love that causes a man and woman to see each other only as the fifteen-year-old girl who once touched a savage older man's hand over a campfire, a touch that changed both their lives forever. Get out the Kleenex for this powerful read you will never, ever forget!

EAGLE'S SONG, 2015 Kindle and POD Edition

  • Book 7: EAGLE'S SONG. After I finished Book 6, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to get away from the Monroe family. The first six books were published between 1983 and 1985, and it took me eleven years to walk back into the lives of all the characters who had become so dear to me. There was Abbie, waiting for me to finish her story, and also tell the stories of some of her grandchildren. In EAGLE'S SONG, the clan gathered for a long-awaited reunion on their sprawling Colorado ranch, but old hatreds and new passions heartbreaking tragedy for eldest son Wolf's Blood; in a forbidden love affair between Abbie's wild grandson Zeke and a rancher's headstrong daughter; and in an agonizing choice Wolf's Blood's young son must make--a choice that could seal his father's fate.


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