Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West


Updated 20 December 2021


Rosanne Bittner, March 2015       More and more, I am being asked to write articles on my love of history and the American West, as well as on the business of writing. Several of these are posted here on my website, and even more on my writer's Blog. Some very nice articles have also been written about me. To make all of them easier for you to find and read, I've started this "Articles" page with summaries and links to the articles and blog entries. I plan to update this page monthly, or more often if I have a new blog entry I think will interest you!

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The Touch of Love       To all of my faithful supporters, I am making available my novella THE TOUCH OF LOVE! THE TOUCH OF LOVEis a 46-page novella about Robert Kingsley, the half-Indian boy raised by Rising Eagle of my Mystic Indian trilogy, which was previously only available by download from In action, it falls between MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS (Books 2 & 3).

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Articles on this Website:

  • What Goes Around, Comes Around: The Beauty of a Backlist: I’m pretty old-school when it comes to the publishing world. When e-books were first introduced, I couldn’t believe they would ever be successful. After all, who would rather read a book on some kind of device as opposed to having the real thing in their hands? Today, I can’t imagine NOT having my books available as ebooks, and the best part is that doing it has completely revitalized my backlist and my writing career! Additionally, as a result of these advances, we get to discover writers whose talents we might never have enjoyed otherwise. Read more here!