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Summer is almost here!

Young boy on mororbike        It’s so nice to be having great summer weather at last. My garden has exploded earlier than normal and gets more beautiful every year. Everything is getting so big that I hardly need to use mulch anymore because the area is filling up. The birds are filling the air with song and the grass is thick and green.

       I pray I see many more summers and even winters, especially because I want to watch my great-grandson grow up. He is growing fast and such a character. He was over yesterday and when I got ready to take out a bag of trash he jumped up from playing and said “I will help you, Grandma.” He’s not big enough to actually carry a heavy garbage bag, but I let him hold one side of it and when I hoisted it into the trash receptacle I let him push up on it with both hands so he thought he was helping me dump it. It was so cute and he was so proud that he “helped Grandma,” who is still limping around with a cane. (Speaking of which, I see the doctor June 4th about knee surgery in July.)

       Meantime, all this pain has interrupted my writing. It actually hurts to sit too long with my legs bent. I have to use my laptop and find ways to put my feet up, but I certainly am not keeping to my normal writing schedule, which really frustrates me. But I’ll be fully back to normal by August, I’m sure. I am writing, but not as steadily as usual. My current work in progress is a totally new story, IF I LOVED YOU. It will be a historical involving a Native American man and a young white girl who is traveling west by wagon train. I have had the story in mind for quite some time, and now is the time to get it written! The idea came to me when I was listening to the song, IF I LOVED YOU, from Carousel, by Rogers & Hammerstein.The title refers to a certain scene/event in my story that will really touch your heart.

This Time Forever original cover       Still no word yet on the possibility of a reissue of THIS TIME FOREVER by Amazon, so continue to keep your fingers crossed. This book was published in 1989, and it's a great story about an independent, brave woman who is orphaned on her way to the US from Scotland and travels west with a Mormon family. (She is not Mormon herself.) It's a beautiful depiction of the fortitude of pioneer women, and my heroine's ability to survive the harsh realities of a woman alone in a rugged land. It also one of my foreign "hits" -- it has been translated into Norwegian and reprinted at least four times in French! I will keep all of you informed of when the new Amazon version will be released. We are working on a new cover now.

       After that I will be writing either a sequel to DANCING BENEATH YOU or the next “Jake” book, which will zero in on Lloyd and Katie. I also need a story about about Young Jake as a grown man. I might combine their stories. I do know Young Jake will have his grandfather’s personality and that “wild side” that will often get him in trouble. I think his parents, Evie and Brian, will have to bail that young man out of jail more than once. But along will come a young woman who will help change his life … the kind of woman Young Jake has always searched for … someone who is as faithful as his Grandma Miranda was to Jake. The story will also get Young Jake involved in World War I.

Dancing Beneath You book cover       And I have a brand new western I want to write called A WIND IN THE PINES. It’s a very compelling love story In fact, I have so many more ideas for stories yet to write. I also still want to work on my WWII story, which I will probably title NOW AND FOREVER. I still want to write an eighth SAVAGE DESTINY book about one of Zeke Monroe’s modern-day descendants.

       The ideas never end! I pray every night for the health I’ll need to continue writing. My goal is 80 books before I am gone from this earth. SHADOW TRAIL is number 77, so I have a good start! I appreciate all of you so much. You are what keeps me going, so keep reading, and as long as the Good Lord allows my brain and fingers to work, I will keep writing!

        If you are new to my writing -- or even if you want to replace old favorites -- please see my Books in Print page for a complete list of all my books, with most recent covers, publication histories, and ordering links. Eventually, I want to have all of my backlist available for both new readers and long-time fans who have reread the original print versions so many times that the pages are worn out! If you prefer the convenience of e-books, check out my E-books List, where you will find ordering links for electronic versions of my books in several different e-book formats.

Rosanne holding a copy of Dancing Beneath You at her book signing in September 2022.       Brand new Bittner titles are distributed through But locally in Southwest Lower Michigan -- my books are available at Hardings Market and Linda's Antiques in Coloma and Back On the Rack in Watervliet! You'll find my new books there, as well as an assortment of my older titles. I am excited to have such great outlets for my work right here in and near my own hometown. (Plus, Email mefor a personalized autograph.) You can also check with your local library or book store and ask them to order any of my books you’d like to read.

       And if you want a print book personalized for yourself or before you “gift” it, just e-mail me privately at for mailing information, and I will pay the postage to send the signed books back to you! Or, if you prefer, I can autograph a label for you to stick into your book.

       I'm hearing from more and more men who enjoy my books because they are packed with action, western history, and solid family values as well as heart- felt romance. Yes, "real" men really DO enjoy reading my books!

       Many thanks for your continuing e-mails and notes. YOU keep me going back to the computer to write more books. Many of you tell me that reading my books got you through something physically or emotionally traumatic -- well, WRITING those books does the same thing for me! Keep reading, and I will keep writing!


Rosanne with her replica Colt .45

A Colt .45, much like the gun my heroes use - and my own .30-.30 rifle. The Colt is surprisingly heavy and requires a strong hand and arm to draw, cock and fire in one swift movement. That would take a LOT of practice!

       "Your stories keep me up all night...I'm up in my seventies--and your books take me back in time--and I relive my life through your wonderful imagination! Thank you for being there for all of your readers." -- Zella Mae

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