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Talking with a gentleman who was buying a Christmas gift for his girlfriend.       I know Thanksgiving is over, but I need to mention how thankful I am for all my readers -- and for those who give my books as gifts! You keep me going to the computer to write more books, and there are days when my writing sustains me through personal problems and aches and pains. My readers often mention how my books got them through something physically or emotionally traumatic for them, but WRITING those books does the same thing for me. Keep reading and I will keep writing!

       As you already know, it was a HUGE surprise to me to hear that my first of three "Men of the Outlaw Trail" stories, RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME, would be released on 26 November 2019!!!! Each book in the "Men of the Outlaw Trail" series will be a single title with new hero and heroine, with each story touching on other characters I've written about who "visited" the Outlaw Trail! (RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME features a cameo appearance by Jake Harkner from my Outlaw Hearts series; the second book, RETURN OF A WANTED MAN, features an appearance by Moses Tucker from LAWLESS LOVE; the third book will have a brief appearance by Sage Lightfoot from PARADISE VALLEY.)

        RIDE THE HIGH LONESOME is so named because of how huge outlaw trail country is -- the big, BIG country of western Wyoming. The story opens with Kate Winters lost and alone in western Wyoming after an attack on her wagon train. She comes upon a gang of men who are putting a noose around a man's neck. Because she's in outlaw country, Kate is afraid to let the men see her, so she hides and watches in horror as the man is hanged and his hangmen ride off with the dead man's cattle and pack horse.

       His saddle horse has been left behind, and Kate desperately needs the horse and the weapons and supplies packed on it. She comes out from hiding and runs down to take the horse, but she notices the hanged man's feet are moving! He's still alive! She has no choice but to do the right thing. She cuts him down, having no idea if he's good or bad.

       Is he dangerous? Did he deserve to die? Kate's actions lead to an unforgettable love story set against the magnificent "high and lonesome" outlaw country along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where lawmen never go, and where no stranger can be trusted. And watch for a "cameo" appearance by Jake Harkner (from my Outlaw Hearts series) in this story!

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Longing for a Cowboy Christmas       And don't forget my novella CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE, in the Sourcebooks Christmas anthology LONGING FOR A COWBOY CHRISTMAS. The story is about Sage and Maggie (Tucker) Lightfoot and the Paradise Valley ranch (from my 2013 book PARADISE VALLEY). That book ended with Maggie carrying a child whose father is unknown. The baby is the product of something that happened to Maggie in PARADISE VALLEY, and CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE will satisfy all those readers who want to know what happened with that baby. It has a beautiful “miracle” ending that is perfect for a Christmas story.

        CHRISTMAS IN PARADISE is one of six sweeping, epic tales of heroism, passion, family and celebration. Other authors featured in LONGING FOR A COWBOY CHRISTMAS are Leigh Greenwood, Linda Broday, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, and Amy Sandas. "Whether it's a widower finding an unexpected new start, a former outlaw and his new wife welcoming their very own Christmas miracle, a long-lost lover returning just in time for a special holiday celebration, a second chance at love between two warring hearts given peace at last, an unlikely pair working together to bring joy to a small Texas town, or a cowboy and his dark-eyed beauty snowed in one unforgettable wintry eve...every Christmas with a cowboy is filled with light, laughter, and a forever kind of love."

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Logan's Lady graphic        I've had great reaction to my March 2019 release, LOGAN'S LADY, and a lot of requests for a sequel!

        LOGAN’S LADY is a dramatic but often humorous story about an uneducated, rough and tumble American bounty hunter (Logan Best), who ends up coming to the rescue of prim and proper, highly educated “Lady” Elizabeth Bennett from London, England. These two are as opposite as two could be, but an unexpected attraction between them grows into something neither can resist, while at the same time they track down ruthless men who have absconded with Lady Elizabeth’s money and personal valuables. The book has gotten some great reviews from Booklist and Publisher's Weekly, and I am especially happy to hear from my readers -- women and men both -- that they are LOVING it and would like to read more about Logan and Elizabeth!

       "Logan's Lady was a wild west ride with lots of action, strong women, hard working men, and one hell of a sexy cowboy. . . .There was plenty of character development and I got good sense of who Logan and Elizabeth were, and I connected with them. I loved them together and once Logan fell in love with Elizabeth he was all in. This book kept me glued to it. " - mommyluvshannah, BookBub (Click here for entire review!)

       "This immersive romance set in the lawless Old West is packed with action and adventure, including murder. Bittner has created an unlikely couple worth cheering for, and she sure knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats." - Jenna Friebel, Booklist (Click here for entire review!)

       "Bittner beautifully evokes the beauty and hardships of life in the late-19th-century American West as a British aristocrat falls for a hardened bounty hunter in this spellbinding historical. . . . showing how two very different characters can make compromises and find love. Fast-paced, touching, and sensual, this historical is not to be missed." -- Publisher's Weekly Starred Review  (Click here for entire review!)

       "Logan’s Lady is beautifully written with all the drama of the western frontier [Rosanne Bittner's] fans have come to expect. Logan and Lady Elizabeth swept me away with their verbal sparring and comical banter. The magnetic pull between them had me falling in love with these characters. . . . Deception, heartache, and the will to survive out on the unforgiven open trail made this an exceptional western. A beautiful story of never giving up on your freedom to live your dream. 5 stars!!!!!!" -- Tonya Lucas  (Click here for entire review!)

       "The story and adventure that plays out in this book's pages are definitely cinema worthy. The love and respect Logan and Elizabeth come to share... well is what Love stories should all be made from. I hated to put this book down. Beautiful Beautiful Bittner Love story telling at her Very finest!!!!" -- Glenda Kinard (Click here for entire review!)

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CHASE THE SUN, 2019 reissueTexas Embrace, 2019 reissueTexas Passions, 2019 reissueSong of the Wolf, 2019 ReissueMontana Woman, 2018 reissue Embers of the Heart, 2018 reissue

        Even MORE great news: there will be three more of my older books reissued by Amazon in 2019: CHASE THE SUN, originally published by Bantam in 1995, is available NOW; and TEXAS EMBRACE, originally published by Zebra in 1997, is now available for Kindle and trade paperback. TEXAS PASSIONS, sequel to TEXAS EMBRACE, originally published by Zebra in 1999, should be following on 15 December. Here are three more great new covers from Lisa Messegee of The Write Designers. Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying my 2018 reissues, SONG OF THE WOLF, MONTANA WOMAN, and EMBERS OF THE HEART, which are now all available in both e-reader and print-on-demand editions from!   Please click on the links below for more information about each of 2018 books, including direct ordering links.

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Cover unavailable for RETURN OF A WANTED MAN       My second Outlaw Trail book, which Sourcebooks is calling RETURN OF A WANTED MAN, is finished and scheduled for release in 2020. I don't have a cover yet, but will let you know as soon as I do!

        After the Civil War took her father and her husband, Ashley Zent believes she is doomed to a life of unhappiness in Gainesville, Texas. When wanted man Nick de Santos rides into her life and into her heart after a five-year absence, her plans for her future are forever changed in completely unexpected ways.

       The story begins with the heroine, Ashley, coming home to find her mother murdered. She runs outside to saddle a horse to ride into town and report the murder – and - lo and behold - she sees someone riding up the path to her house. She freezes in place, realizing she doesn’t have any kind of weapon with her. Is the man riding toward her the murderer?

       When he gets closer, she realizes, in near shock, that the rider is Nick, a man she hasn’t seen for five years – a man she once loved but who rode out of her life after a terrible tragedy that tore them apart. She’s heard that after taking part in the Civil War, this man turned to an outlaw life. He might even be wanted. She thought she would never see him again, yet here he is, riding right back into her life at this devastating, confusing moment. And then what happens? Why has Nick ridden back into Ashley's life? These two will collide in more ways than one, but Ashley will find a way to tame him – and to make sure he never rides out of her life again. I am having so much fun writing these books, and I guarantee, you are going to have as much fun reading them and anticipating which old friends you will be meeting up with again!

       Next: my third Men of the Outlaw Trail book, THE LAWLESS LAND. I'm already halfway through it, and it's shaping up to be another exciting read!

       Then, who knows? Maybe it'll be back to my first big contemporary story – an Indian/White romance in true Bittner style! I have lived with this story and its characters since the 80’s, believe it or not! It’s inspirational, culture clash (modern white vs. Native American culture), suspense, murder mystery, hot sex, a hero and heroine who both come with a lot of “baggage” that could get in the way of their love for each other – a love neither of them wants but can’t fight. It involves an abusive ex-husband, a dead ex-wife, the American Indian Movement, and embezzlement. There are also an Ecumenical preacher, the D.A.R, and problems on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a heroine afraid to love again, and a hero who can’t let go of why and how his late wife died. And throughout the story, although it's set in today’s time, Native American mysticism and ancient culture give the story the feel of a story taking place in the 1800’s.

       Readers will fall in love with hero, Ben (Gray Wolf) Colter, a Lakota Sioux, and heroine, Carmen Grace, blond, blue eyes, from New England, and a Daughter of the American Revolution. These two are at far ends of the spectrum of life in looks and heritage – an unlikely relationship that explodes into passion, intrigue, suspense, and attempted assassination! This is my first contemporary, and I’m nervous about it, but I’ve wanted to write this story for 30 years. I’m keeping the title to myself for a little bit longer!

CAPTURE MY HEARTA WARRIOR'S PROMISE cover       THANK YOU for your wonderful feedback on CAPTURE MY HEART and its sequel, A WARRIOR'S PROMISE! One of my readers wrote, "To love a story you have to crawl into it and live along with the characters. This is what happens anytime I read one of Rosanne's books." (Kim, via I am so happy that you are enjoying these two books. (If you haven't read them yet and would like more information, please click here!)

       And, of course, I'm so happy to hear that you, my readers, are thoroughly enjoying the Harkner family saga! (Note: Please click on any of the covers below for more information about that book, or see my  Outlaw Hearts Series page!) I am so proud of the entire saga, but particularly the fourth, THE LAST OUTLAW. Proud of Jake. Unbelievable growth. A face-off with his ugly childhood. Such a true hero (something he would never admit himself!). And a whole new level of love and trust between Jake and Randy; their relationship is more beautiful than ever. A real tear-jerker ending -- in a good way!

       And don't forget my Harkner family Christmas story in the 2017 Christmas anthology CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS (you'll see the cover for that below). A CHICK- A- DEE CHRISTMAS, a very sweet 150 - page story involving Jake's little granddaughter Sadie Mae, shows a softer side of Jake, and will truly round out the series. Through an "unexpected character" (ie, one that I didn't plan but who just "showed up" as I was writing), Jake is filled with the spirit of forgiveness and joy, the celebration of the birth of Christ, and the beauty of Christmas giving.

2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTS   DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS   LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE   The Last Outlaw   Christmas In a Cowboy's Arms

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        If you are new to my writing -- or even if you want to replace old favorites -- please see my Books in Printpage for a complete list of all my books, with most recent covers, publication histories, and ordering links. Eventually, I want to have all of my backlist available for both new readers and long-time fans who have reread the original print versions so many times that the pages are worn out! If you prefer the convenience of e-books, check out my E-books List, where you will find ordering links for electronic versions of my books in several different e-book formats.

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       Brand new Bittner titles are distributed through Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble and But locally in Southwest Lower Michigan -- my books are available at Hardings Market and Linda's Antiques in Coloma and Back On the Rack in Watervliet! You'll find my new books there, as well as an assortment of my older titles. I am excited to have such great outlets for my work right here in and near my own hometown. (Plus, Email me and we can get together for a personalized autograph.) You can also check with your local library or book store and ask them to order any of my books you’d like to read.

Rosanne and faithful reader Chet Cripe        I'm hearing from more and more men who enjoy my books, like Chester "Chet" Cripe, one of my faithful long-time readers. Chet was a member of the 45th Division of the Army Infantry and was Sergeant of the 4th Platoon. He served on Heartbreak Ridge, Sandbag Castle and Christmas Hill. The Outlaw Hearts Series in particular are packed with action, western history, and solid family values as well as heart- felt romance. Yes, "real" men really DO enjoy reading my books -- and if you don't believe it, ask this Korean War Veteran!

       For those of you who purchase my books in e-reader format: Remember, I can "Authorgraph" my e-books -- which means I can send you personalized digital inscriptions for any of my books offered in e-reader format! Click here for details and available e-books.You can include a message to me to receive a personalized inscription that you can view in your favorite reading apps and devices.

       And if you want a print book personalized for yourself or before you “gift” it, just e-mail me privately at for mailing information, and I will pay the postage to send the signed books back to you! Or, if you prefer, I can autograph a label for you to stick into your book.

        I still have several extra copies of some OLDER BOOKS that are no longer available -- including many of my Foreign Titles! Many of these books have been previously read, but some are brand-new. You can order these older titles, as well as my recently reissued books, directly from me and I will sign them for you -- or for a friend who loves a good read. Please Email me if you're looking for a specific book!

       Many thanks for your continuing e-mails and notes. They have certainly brightened my inbox. So many of you are telling me which of my books you have read and loved, and why they are your favorites -- and are looking forward to reading my upcoming new books. I have been sharing many of your messages with all of my readers via my Guestbook page!


Rosanne with her replica Colt .45

A Colt .45, much like the gun my heroes use - and my own .30-.30 rifle. The Colt is surprisingly heavy and requires a strong hand and arm to draw, cock and fire in one swift movement. That would take a LOT of practice!

Because of the large number of requests I receive for full lists of my books, the Books In Printsection of this website is frequently updated to reflect my latest releases, as well as listing all of my past works. I have also added a My Books Now Available in E-Reader Formats page with ordering links for all e-reader formats. You can also use the "Search" link below to find new, used, and Kindle versions of my books on! Associate





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