Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

My Las Vegas Photo Album:
Vegas at Night

You haven't seen Las Vegas unless you've seen it at night, in all its neon glory. Since I haven't been able to capture the experience with my own camera, I let some friends, Joe and Martha Ventolo, shoot these for me.

Paris Las Vegas at night.

This photo was taken looking south past Bally's to Paris Las Vegas. The photo was shot through the Plexiglas barrier on the Las Vegas Blvd. pedestrian overpass.

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The Las Vegas Strip

Taken looking out the other side of the pedestrian overpass, this is the area on Las Vegas Blvd., north of Flamingo Rd., which is often referred to as the Old Strip.

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Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

Here is a view of one of the Caesar's Palace buildings across Flamingo Rd. from The Bellagio.

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Statuary in front of Caesar's Palace

Looking East in front of Caesar's Palace, across Las Vegas Blvd., i.e., "the Strip." The Flamingo and Barbary Coast are on the other side of the street.

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Ceiling above gaming tables in one of the casinos

This is a small part of the ceiling above the gaming tables in one of the casinos. I wish I could show you the actual gaming floor — they are huge, and indescribable even for someone who makes a living with words! The TV shows do not even begin to do them justice. However, photos are not permitted, and my friends were able to keep this shot only because no faces were recognizable. Hotels and casinos are very adamant that "What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!"

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